Justice Studies: CurriculumJustice Studies: Curriculum

Justice Studies: Curriculum

The justice studies curriculum consists of a core requirement of 11 courses that are designed to provide a broad and coherent approach to the six content areas identified by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

There's a 12-credit hour foreign language requirement at the elementary and intermediate levels for students of justice studies. This language requirement can be met by taking the foreign language courses offered at Cal U. You can also take a foreign language not offered at Cal U and transfer the credits back into the program.

Transfer students may transfer up to 24 credit hours of criminal justice courses toward the justice studies degree requirements. Credit for life experiences and military or professional training may be available, but it cannot be counted toward the 48 justice studies required courses. If awarded, these credits will typically apply to the additional electives category or general education requirements if applicable.

As a student in the justice studies program, you can choose from five concentrations: general justice studies, law and justice, criminology, corporate and homeland security, and forensic science. We also offer a minor in justice studies.

An associate degree in criminal justice is available through a program offered by Community College of Beaver County at Cal U. For details, contact John Nallo at Nallo@calu.edu, at 118 Azorsky  Hall, or at 724-938-5727.