Bachelor of Science in Justice StudiesBachelor of Science in Justice Studies

Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies

Led by a team of scholars and professionals with extensive real-world experience, the justice studies program at California University of Pennsylvania is designed for highly motivated students who seek leadership positions in the various criminal justice professions or further studies in law or graduate school.

As part of the Department of Justice, Law and Society, the program offers an excellent blend of liberal arts and professional courses that develop critical thinkers and well-versed communicators. Our program is unrivaled in the Commonwealth, and provides a comprehensive, methodical review of major justice functions and operations. Ranging from policing to corrections, from lawyers to judges, from law to jurisprudence, and from anthropology to forensic science, our goal is to satisfy a range of academic and professional interests.

We offer five concentrations: general justice studies, criminology, law and justice, corporate and homeland security, and forensic science. Learn more about our curriculum.

Christopher Brown

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