Bachelor of Arts in MathematicsBachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

This is a photo of the department poster.Considering a career in mathematics? The Bachelor of Arts in mathematics is a flexible program that allows you to select courses that meet your particular interests and needs. It allows for both depth and breadth of study in mathematics as well as study in the natural sciences. We also offer a minor in mathematics as well as a Bachelor of Science in education with a mathematics concentration for those students who wish to pursue a career in secondary teaching of mathematics.

As a student in our mathematics program, you’ll gain insight into the various branches of pure mathematics and the natural sciences. You’ll also gain knowledge of the interrelationships between and among the natural sciences. Mathematics is one of the oldest and most basic sciences, yet it is a dynamic discipline. Mathematicians are engaged in a variety of activities ranging from the creation of new theories to the translation of business, economic, industrial and managerial problems into mathematical terms for solution.

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Cal U Graduate Success Stories

“The math program here at Cal U offers excellent classes and wonderful professors.  The math professors here also know how to approach mathematics in a way that makes it understandable, and they like to show the full extent of what part of math, pure or applied, you are learning.”

- William Schill, Math Major and Computer Science Minor