Music: EnsemblesMusic: Ensembles

Music: Ensembles

Marching Band

As one of the largest organizations on campus, Cal U's marching band is made up of students from diverse areas of study and whose previous experience is from a wide range of high school music programs. What bonds them together is an interest in music and a desire to learn and perform together.

Each fall, the marching band rocks the crowd at the Vulcans' home football games and selected away games and also performs in high school and college marching band festivals. Membership is open to any interested student instrumentalist. Membership is also open to any student interested in auditioning for feature twirler or for a position on the auxiliary unit.

Concert Band

The concert band meets in the spring semester. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in performing in this type of ensemble. The band plays all types of music from classical to modern and from serious to humorous. It performs at convocations and various concerts on and off campus, at times sharing concerts with other university concert bands or adult community bands.

Jazz Ensemble

The University jazz ensemble performs all styles of jazz, including funk, rock, swing, blues and Latin. It performs concerts both on and off campus, is featured at numerous high school all-school assemblies and jazz band festivals, and is highlighted in the yearly California Jazz Experience (CJE). During CJE, the ensemble has performed with such great jazz artists as Mike Tomaro, Randy Purcell, Steve Hawk, Chris Vadala, Jeff Hellmer, Jim Sheppard, Lou Fischer, Curtis Johnson and Ralph Guzzi. This program is available by audition only.

Brass Ensemble - Woodwind Ensemble - Percussion Ensemble

These smaller ensembles are composed of people from within the concert and marching bands. They usually begin rehearsing after the marching season is over and perform at on- and off-campus locations.


The University Choir provides an opportunity for students to sing a wide variety of music from both contemporary and traditional repertoire. The choir performs frequently on campus and throughout southwestern Pennsylvania with an annual tour abroad. Choir membership is elective; an interview with the director is required. (1 credit, repeatable up to a maximum of 8 credits)

California Singers

The California Singers is a small (16-24 members) vocal ensemble, with membership determined by audition. The group performs entertainment music of all eras and many cultures; the style of performance is adapted to fit the music being performed, the audience and the season. Smaller groups within the ensemble, such as the A Capella Stella (all women a capella) and Vulcanize (all male a capella) may rehearse separately to prepare extra concert repertoire. Choreography, dialogue or mime is part of some performances. A student may participate with or without using credit. (1 credit repeatable up to a maximum of 8 credits )

Men's and Women's Ensembles

See Vulcanize and A Capella Stella within California Singers.

California Orchestra

The California University Orchestra is a chamber ensemble open to students of any major. It is composed of string players of diverse backgrounds and levels. The repertoire consists of primarily classical style music, and the group will be exploring other styles in the future.