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Psychology: Internships and CareersPsychology: Internships and Careers

Psychology: Internships and Careers

  • An internship offers a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. You'll be able to apply what you've learned in the classroom at supervised settings in the real workplace.

The primary learning objectives of the internship are:

  • Acquisition of practical, applied experience in the day-to-day work of a professional psychologist
  • Realization of the possible need for additional educational attainment (in the form of graduate school) to attain career goals
  • Acquisition of contacts in the profession of psychology that can enhance the student's resume
  • Acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities that psychologists use to succeed in their professions
  • Acquisition of "successful" work behaviors, such as: dependability, independence of work, leadership, professional demeanor

The requirements for eligibility are:

  • Approval by the faculty supervisor of the Department of Psychology internship program
  • Junior or senior standing
  • Good academic standing – an overall GPA of 2.0
  • A GPA of at least 2.5 in major at the point of application
  • Completion or co-matriculation of the prerequisites of student's particular concentration:
    • Clinical/Counseling:
      • Abnormal Psychology
      • Clinical Methods in Psychology
    • Educational/School Psychology:
      • Educational Psychology
      • Child/Adolescent Psychology
      • Psychological Tests and Measures
    • Cognitive/Experimental:
      • Psychology of Learning
      • Cognitive Psychology
      • Physiological Psychology
  • Approval, in writing, from the agency where the student plans to conduct the internship

It's your responsibility to make sure all of the above requirements are completed prior to registration. We recommended that all requirements be procured and documented the semester before you register for an internship.


Applications can be obtained from the Internship Center. The application is submitted to the Psychology Department internship supervisor.  You must register for "internship intention" during the registration period for the semester in which you plan to be on internship.  You are required to complete registration for internship BEFORE the beginning of the term in which you plan to be on internship.

The faculty internship supervisor has a list of sites utilized in the past, but you can approach any site, such as area businesses and/or community mental health service centers.

  • Contact the site and discuss with relevant personnel (usually a supervisor or manager) the internship experience as set out in the Internship Manual (available in Morgan Hall, Room 319).
  • Request an interview with the supervisor/manager and take your resume and application form.
  • If the site has agreed to the internship, complete the application form with the supervisor. If they request time to consider your internship, ask for a date to return to complete the application form once the decision has been made.

Submit your application to the faculty internship supervisor for approval. Once approval is secured, you should contact the site again before the course begins through a personal interview, telephone call or letter. This is to solidify the commitment of both you and the site to the internship experience. You can inform the site of its responsibilities and the expectations from and to Cal U.

For further information, contact:

Dr. Holiday E. Adair

Morgan Hall, Room 319

Career Opportunities

With a B.A. in psychology, your career opportunities will be many and varied.  After graduating from California University of Pennsylvania, you can obtain advanced training in psychology. This advanced training could lead to a career as a clinical or counseling psychologist, educator, researcher or school psychologist. You may also enter graduate school in fields such as law, medicine or business. Your knowledge of psychology will be invaluable if you join one of those professions.

An alternative career path would be to take a job immediately after graduation. Like many psychology majors at Cal U, you might begin your career in one of the "helping professions." For example, you might work in a mental health setting, group home, hospital or delinquency prevention program. You might instead have a job in a government agency where your knowledge of human behavior would be both helpful and applicable. Another option is a career in business and industry. In this area, you'll be able to apply your skills in personnel selection and training, advertising, consumer-product research or public opinion polling. 

Cal U prepares you to enter the workforce with knowledge, integrity, character and experience. With the help of the Career and Professional Development Center, we'll connect you to potential employers through networking events, job shadowing opportunities, on-campus recruiting, job and internship fairs, and organizational visits. 

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