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Robotics Engineering Technology ProgramRobotics Engineering Technology Program

Robotics Engineering Technology Program

Application of robotics is a “multi-craft” activity in that it is the blending of multiple disciplines including computer science, computer engineering, mechanic, and electrical engineering. A roboticist engages in the design, construction, and programming of robotic systems. The Robotics Engineering Technology (RET) program at Cal U is an introduction to mechatronic systems with special emphasis on autonomous mobile robots, i.e., robots with free-ranging mobility under their own control.

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field that combines computer, electrical and mechanical engineering to create control devices for hybrid systems. The study of robotics is founded on the principles of Mechatronics and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).  RET student Tyler Findley said that he chose the program because he loves, "working with all three of the mechanical, Electrical and Computer aspects of engineering and Robotics provides some of all those in its field".

From the initial creation of the RET program, Cal U has been affiliated with the Robotics Academy at Carnegie Mellon University. Cal U is also tied in with numerous K-12 schools in the 2+2+2 program and as a regional supporter of Bots-IQ and FIRST competition events. 

Because the RET program relies on a number of existing, accredited programs and that it includes courses dealing with electronics, mechanics, and control, you have the flexibility to continue study toward a baccalaureate degree. Four-year B.S. programs such as Mechatronics Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Technology Management and Computer Science are natural extensions to the RET program.

 The RET associates degree is designed to allow students to easily move into the Mechatronics Engineering Technology (M.T.R.) B.S. program since all the courses in the A.S., except three, are used with the M.T.R. program.  Students can also declare a dual major (RET and MTR) and work towards both programs simultaneously.  

The Applied Engineering and Technology department has a long and rich history of providing extensive hands-on opportunities supporting the theory.  All of the robotic courses include theory, but also significant time where the students are working on designing, programming, building, and testing autonomous robots in the lab.  

Admission Information

Admission to the program is open to entering freshman and transfer students.  Students with an educational background in a field related to robotics engineering technology who apply for admission to the program will be evaluated on an individual basis.  For more information on Robotics@CalU, visit our website at (search "robotics" or call the Departments of Applied Engineering and Technology at 724-938-4085.


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