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Science and Technology Multidisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Science and Technology Multidisciplinary Studies at Cal U allows students to design an individualized program of study that reflects current needs in business, industry, government, education/training development and technology, or to build a multidisciplinary skill set in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

A student’s Multidisciplinary Studies program may focus on two or more areas of study integrated around a unifying theme or topic that cannot be subsumed under a single discipline or occupational field, or a perception not currently available through established majors/minors. 

This allows the focused student to tailor a program of study to his or her own personal and professional interests or occupational employment demands or projections.

An individual who does not have a focused area of interest may take these courses as a “non-degree-seeking student” without declaring a major area of study.

About the program

The B.S. in Science and Technology Multidisciplinary Studies degree is a nontraditional academic program that:

  • Provides a flexible platform for "just-In-time" development of technicians and other STEM professionals through coursework tailored to the needs of specific businesses, industries, government agencies, educational institutions and other workplaces.
  • Allows non-traditional and returning students to customize and complete a degree.
  • Offers a sound educational foundation, including general education courses, without rigid specialization requirements.
  • Provides advanced knowledge and higher-level skills to advance the careers of those already in the workforce.

Academic requirements

Courses are offered during the fall, spring and summer sessions. Coursework may include face-to-face and online courses, as appropriate.

The professional core will include a minimum of 6 credits of science, 6 credits of technology, 6 credits of engineering, 6 credits of mathematics (STEM) and a 3-credit capstone experience. At least 42 credits of a student’s overall coursework must consist of upper-level courses.

Students are required to meet every semester with the program coordinator/adviser.

A minimum 2.00 grade-point average is required to qualify for graduation.

Transfer credits and prior learning

Students may transfer from accredited institutions as many as 90 semester hours of the 120 hours required for graduation.

Thirty of the student’s last 45 credits must be taken at California University of Pennsylvania. In addition, students must complete at least 50% of the major coursework within their department at Cal U, with the exception of students who transfer from Pennsylvania State System schools.

Up to 30 credits of prior learning assessment (PLA) work and other applicable nontraditional learning experiences may be used to complete program requirements. Additional fees may apply.

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