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Secondary Education: Careers


A secondary education degree from Cal U sets you apart from other candidates in the job market because of our distinguished faculty, challenging curriculum, diverse field experience, and our strong sense of community. Not only do we help you build character, we'll help you build a career. Cal U graduates are among the top teaching candidates for secondary education positions throughout the United States.

In addition to classroom teaching, secondary education graduates have expanded their career opportunities by taking other academic positions such as principals, department chairs, guidance counselors, reading specialists, subject area supervisors and curriculum specialists, and a wide variety of central office administrative and service positions. Our graduates have also found success in the non-profit sector, governmental agencies, public and private corporations, and publishing companies.

Cal U prepares you to enter the workforce with knowledge, integrity, character and experience. With the help of the Career and Professional Development Center, we'll connect you to potential employers through networking events, job shadowing opportunities, on-campus recruiting, job and internship fairs, and organizational visits.