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Sociology: Faculty

We have a highly talented faculty whose members are dedicated to teaching and research. They possess outstanding academic credentials and will teach you the ability to take in the big picture; bring multiple sources of information and data to bear on a problem; take the role of the other; and communicate to different audiences.

You'll also develop:

  • Skills in thinking abstractly, formulating problems and analyzing situations and data pertaining to the social world
  • Awareness of how much of daily life is shaped by interpersonal relationships, group activities, and cultural norms and values.

Click on each of our faculty members' profiles below to learn more about their experience, publications, awards and contact information.

Program Chair

  • Photo of Dr. Emily M. Sweitzer

    Dr. Emily M. Sweitzer


    Dr. Sweitzer is a nationally certified school psychologist and is certified as a K-12 principal in More


  • Photo of Dr. Elizabeth A. Larsen

    Dr. Elizabeth A. Larsen

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Larsen is the director of sociology at Cal U and is certified in alternative dispute More

  • Photo of Dr. Marta S. McClintock-Comeaux

    Dr. Marta S. McClintock-Comeaux

    Associate Professor and Director of the Office of Women's Studies

    Dr. McClintock-Comeaux began her tenure at Cal U in fall 2007. Under her leadership, the  More