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Spanish for Business CertificateSpanish for Business Certificate

Spanish for Business Certificate

The Certificate in Spanish for Business is specifically designed to meet the needs of business majors, business professionals, and others seeking to pursue business opportunities or international trade in Spanish-speaking countries or U.S. communities with Spanish-speaking customers and clients. To successfully complete the certificate, students must take all four courses regardless of their preexisting level of Spanish. Courses are offered in regular 16-week semester sessions.  For example, Elementary Spanish I and Elementary Spanish II are offered in one year and Intermediate Spanish I and Spanish for Business are offered in the subsequent year. This way, the student completes the entire certificate in two years. Students will learn practical language skills that are specifically designed to address business situations such as serving Spanish-speaking customers, understanding the economic realities in relevant countries, and successfully undertaking financial and commercial aspects in domestic or international Spanish-speaking communities. Emphasis is placed on everyday spoken Spanish and business terminology.