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A student works with metal and wires.A student works with metal and wires.

Bachelor of Science in Technology Management

The Bachelor of Science in Technology Management prepares technically competent industrial technologists and management professionals for employment in business, industry and government. The career focus for graduates of the technology management program is industrial and management supervision. The Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering has determined that certification as an industrial technologist requires an educational background in production/operations management, quality control, safety management, and production and inventory control.

This program focuses on operations management, industrial cost analysis, operations research, project management, computer-integrated manufacturing, and production and inventory control.

Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology (NMT) Concentration

The program also includes an optional concentration in nanofabrication manufacturing technology. California University has developed an agreement with Penn State University's Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology (NMT) Center. There are only five NMT centers in the country, and Penn State has the only one with undergraduate degree options.

If you completed an associate degree program that incorporated the NMT Capstone Semester at Penn State, you would be eligible to pursue this concentration. Our associate degree program in industrial technology offers an NMT option, and graduates would be eligible for the NMT concentration in the upper-division technology management bachelor's degree program as well.

A limited numbers of students may participate in the NMT Capstone Semester. Currently, only 20 students per semester are selected from partner institutions, which include community colleges and Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education universities in Pennsylvania. Past NMT graduates have received multiple job offers ranging from $30,000 to more than $50,000 per year. Demand has been high for NMT graduates to qualify for the NMT Capstone Semester; students must meet certain prerequisites, which are incorporated into eligible associate degree programs.

To learn more about the possibilities related to nanofabrication and nanotechnology, visit and enter the pre-set nanotechnology search. To learn more about the NMT center at Penn State, visit

Note: Admission to both programs is open only to students who have completed an approved Associate of Science degree. Technology-related Associate of Science degrees from other colleges and universities qualify. Associate of Applied Science degrees qualify provided they include algebra, trigonometry and physics. For information on eligible programs, contact the program coordinator or call 724-938-4087.  

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Bethany Kastner (Industrial Technology ’09) was hired one month after her graduation because of the experience she gained during her internship. Now a Mechanical Design Specialist at Mechanical Engineering Systems Associates (MESA), Kastner does mechanical design and drafting for a wide range of companies, and provides technical support for drafting software. She urges students to take advantage of the career services at Cal U. “It’s a way of networking and making new connections with important people before you graduate.”