Excited fans crowd our mascot, Vulcan, at a football game.Excited fans crowd our mascot, Vulcan, at a football game.


Cal U Annual Fund

Gifts to the Annual Fund provide a way for our alumni and friends of Cal U to express their appreciation for the education and experience that Cal U provided them. Supporting the Annual Fund allows you to invest in the continued growth and success of Cal U.

Why should I give to Cal U's Annual Fund?

Your assistance is needed now more than ever, as our students struggle to make ends meet. Declining state support of public higher education has resulted in tuition increases, forcing many Cal U students to work one or more jobs to be able to fund their education. The average Cal U student graduates with a loan debt of $22,000, nearly 50% higher than the average debt burden of graduates of public universities nationally.

Where do these gifts go?

Gifts to the Annual Fund are unrestricted. Gifts can be given to support many needs - student scholarships, bricks and mortar, department needs, athletics, etc. Regardless of where your support goes, you enrich the lives of our students.

Does my gift make a difference?

Yes! Every gift makes a difference by helping to provide an affordable education for Cal U students. The collective impact of many gifts is substantial. Foundations and corporations are more likely to add their financial support when support is high from alumni and friends. Participation is key! Your gift, no matter what the amount, really does count! With your support, our students are sure to thrive.

Giving Societies

Cal U has established the following giving societies to honor our donors. Membership is based on the various giving levels, including corporate matching gifts, during the fiscal year (July 1-June 30.)

Century Club
Old Main Club $250-$499
Society of 1852 $500-$999
President's Club $1,000-$4,999
Trustee Associates $5,000 and up

Gifts of $1,000 or more annually will receive recognition and special benefits associated with Cal U events.

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