A beautiful view of a garden and a nearby residence hall.A beautiful view of a garden and a nearby residence hall.

Class Rings

Traditional Class Rings for Him and Her

A Cal U class ring.A Cal U class ring.

The two rings pictured above are the traditional and custom crafted rings for Cal U. All students and alumni of Cal U who choose to purchase a University class ring will be easily identified as an alumnus or alumna of Cal U because of the unique design and lavish symbols that represent Cal U.

Many universities have the single-ring program. Cal U is unique in the sense that you have a choice between two traditional stones, garnet or black onyx, and you also may choose whether or not to enhance your ring with the Cal logo.

All of the symbols and words on the traditional Cal U class rings have a meaning, which makes this ring so unique to Cal U.

To receive more information on California University's class rings, check out the Balfour website and wear a true meaning of your alma mater. Or you may contact Balfour at 1-866-BALFOUR.