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Seminar Information

Available Seminars

The following list of seminars are being offered by the Center for Law and Public Policy. To read more information about the courses below, click the seminar title to expand the corresponding tab. You may register online to attend.

Marcellus Shale for Landowner's Representatives

Seminar Credits: PACLE Approved: 4.0 Substantive

Seminar Location: California University of Pennsylvania, Southpointe Center

Moderated by Raymond Schmaus, President, Armstrong Search Associates. Presenters include Dennis Buffone, Armstrong County Courthouse Law Clerk, Paul R. Yagelski, Rothman Gordon, PC, Robert J. Burnett, Houston Harbaugh, and Ryan J. Rupert, CPA, CMM, Rupert Tax & Advisory Services LLC

The seminar begins with a review of the current legislative initiatives and recent case law decisions pertinent to landowners with Marcellus Shale interests. Hour two will cover various emerging lease issues including pooling and Act 66, post-production costs and the debate over HB 1684 in Harrisburg, shut-in royalties, HB 402 and lease surrenders, in addition to other topics of interest. The third hour of the seminar will cover the elements of an oil and gas lease, specifically the granting clause, Habendum clause, royalty clause and surrender clause; Right of way and surface use agreements; whether there is still a viable lease including. The final hour of the seminar will discuss the various financial concerns of any oil & gas royalty owner, including tax and estate planning and oil & gas asset valuation.

The 1911 Pennsylvania Bar Exam and the Ethics of CLE

Seminar Credits: PACLE Approved: 4.0 Ethics

Seminar Location: California University of Pennsylvania, Southpointe Center

Presented by Professor Mark D. Yochum, Duquesne University School of Law

This seminar begins with an exploration of the Pennsylvania 1911 Bar Examination. The discussion will review this old test to reveal the changing nature of the practice of law, over the past 100 years. At root, this exploration of professionalism is an examination of the character and fitness thought necessary for ethical and competent practice then and now.  And, of course, licensing lawyers is a fundamental part of ethics.

Pennsylvania has just passed the 20th anniversary of mandatory continuing legal education.  During the last hour of the seminar the history of C.L.E., particularly with respect to ethics, will be explored. C.L.E. is, of course, a component of licensing but importantly it brought ethics to the fore as a vital component of practice and as a viable practice area.

Seminar Locations

Seminars currently offered are being held at the following locations:

California University of Pennsylvania, Southpointe Center
135 Technology Drive, Canonsburg, PA 15317