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The beautiful Emeriti Fountain at night.The beautiful Emeriti Fountain at night.

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Available Seminars

The following list of seminars are being offered by the Center for Law and Public Policy. To read more information about the courses below, click the seminar title to expand the corresponding tab. You may register online to attend.

Marcellus Shale

Seminar Credits: PACLE Approved: 3.0 Substantive

Seminar Location: California University of Pennsylvania, Southpointe Center

Description to follow...

Professor Yochum on Errors, Honor and Solicitation

Seminar Credits: PACLE Approved: 3.0 Ethic

Seminar Location: California University of Pennsylvania, Southpointe Center

Presented by Professor Mark D. Yochum, Duquesne University School of Law

Without emotion, ethical compliance will be at best weakly formal.  Inspiration for a higher level of ethical performances can come from the rest of life.  During the first hour of this talk, Professor Yochum will explore the ethics of sportsmanship as a model for a professional's practice.  The title refers to the mistake Fred Merkle made in a storied baseball event of 1908, wherein the failure to attend to a simple rule leads to professional disaster and even death.  The talk will tell his story and, perhaps, provide guidance on how we deal with errors in others and, inevitably, errors in ourselves.

The personal interest of a professional can create a conflict of interest, even when the personal relationship with a client is somewhat short of sex. During the second part of the seminar we will discuss the genesis and effect of new rules of conduct concerning a lawyer's romance with a client.  The experience in dealing with the predatory relationships, sex with clients, is a lesson for all professionals about honor in the profession.

The last broad restriction on solicitation of clients by lawyers is the restriction on personal contact.  The last section of the session will explore the continuing viability of this rule in an era when limitations on lawyers' commercial speech are tested for their efficacy in remediating a real harm.  The personal contact rule has little historical validity and its value, if any, is shrouded in mythology.

Strategies to Ensure a Better Result in Civil Arbitration

Seminar Credits: PACLE Approved: 2.5 Substantive, 0.5 Ethic

Seminar Location: California University of Pennsylvania, Southpointe Center

Presented by Joseph C. Dimperio, Esq., Ph.D, Michael L. Fitzpatrick, Esq., Don Eodice, CPCU, ARM, AIC

This interactive course offering will begin with coverage on the basics of arbitration. Tips will be given regarding how to deal with a variety of difficult counsels, witnesses, clients, or arbitrators. The presenters will cover a vast array of winning strategies on a variety of topics pertaining to civil arbitration. Instructors will present attendees with actual cases and participants will be given the opportunity to react to a number of scenarios. Instructors will assess reactions, and provide practical pointers and techniques based upon course material. Please join us for this interactive learning experience and gain an understanding of how to ensure better results in civil arbitration.

'Under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance. A historical, legal and practical review.

Seminar Credits: PACLE Approved: 2.0 Substantive

Seminar Location: California University of Pennsylvania, Southpointe Center

Presented by Gregg R. Zegarelli, Esq., Zegarelli Technology & Entrepreneurial Ventures Law Group, PC

Everyone--and every patriot--should attend, conservatives, atheists, students and educational professionals. This is a timely subject because of recent legislative and judicial activity. Catch up on this important controversial patriotism question for a more informed debate and conversation.  Get the facts to support or to defend your position.

A rare opportunity to traverse many fascinating components of the subject, such as the state of Western philosophy in the 18th Century, the Forefathers' educational foundation and views of "God," "Supreme Being," "Universal Sovereign," and religion, the American socio-political framework, the Constitutional process, the dichotomy between constitutional law v. statutory law, the First Amendment, pledges and oaths in law and religion, the history of the Pledge of Allegiance, distinguishing political forensic rhetoric from legislative acts, whether America is a "Christian Nation" and surveying the case law on "under God" cases, such as Jane Doe vs. Acton-Boxborough Regional School District (2014), in which the psychological claim was made that the phrase can lead to bullying and isolation.  The materials are a wonderful addition to every patriot's library.

Seminar Locations

Seminars currently offered are being held at the following locations:

California University of Pennsylvania, Southpointe Center
135 Technology Drive, Canonsburg, PA 15317