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Homeland Security Review - Volume Information

Below you will find a listing of articles and their authors from each issue of the Homeland Security Review by Volume.

Articles by Volume

Volume 1, Nos. 1-3 (2005-2007)

Title Author(s) Vol/No Date
Comprehensive All Hazards Preparedness is Critical to Effective Emergency Service Preparedness, Response & Funding William F. Jenaway 1/1 W-05
"You Can Do It, We Can Help"…"Improving Home Improvement" after Disasters with "Brand Names You Know and Trust?" Kevin H. Govern 1/1 W-05
Nuclear Security: Should it be Our Top Priority? Michael L. Hummel 1/1 w-05
Surveying Methods for an Agency in Transition to the Department of Homeland Security Terence Garrett & Geoffrey Peterson 1/1 W-05
Time for Clarity in Federal Guidance: Suspect Profiling as Legitimate Counter-Terrorism Policy John I. Winn 1/2 F-06
Homeland Security: The Policy and Ethics of State and Local Enforcement of Immigration Law Jeffrey S. Magers 1/2 F-06
Psychology of "Leaking" Sensitive Information: Implications for Homeland Security Randy Borum, R. Scott Shumate & Mario Scalora 1/2 F-06
Comparative Scenario & Options Analysis: Important Tools for Agents of Change Post 9/11 and Post Hurricane Katrina Pauld D. Gordon 1/2 F-06
National Security & Immigration Policy: Reclaiming Terms, Measuring Success, and Setting Priorities Donald Kerwin & Margaret Stock 1/3 F-07
What has Kant to do with terrorism? Part I - Categorical Imperative Thomas Albert Gilly 1/3 F-07
"Making Martial Law Easier" in the US Kevin H. Govern 1/3 F-07
The Need for Tribunals: Reducing Single Point Failure and Protecting the Republic Eric Wojtkun 1/3 F-07

Volume 2, Nos. 1-3 (2008)

Title Author(s) Vol/No Date
Palestinian Women Suicide Bombers: The Interplaying Effects of Islam, Nationalism and Honor Culture Maria Alvanou 2/1 W-08
The "War on Terror" and Iraq: The Collapse of a Hegemonic Narrative John P. Crank, Dennis Hoffman, Melissa Conn 2/1 W-08
What has Kant to do with terrorism? Part II - the Science of law: A Masterpiece for the Advocacy of Terrorism's Illegality: the legal Matching Piece of Counter Terrorism Ethics Thomas Albert Gilly 2/1 W-08
Maritime Shipping Container Security Post-9/11 David C. Smith 2/1 W-08
United States Lessons in the War in Iraq as Corollary to Success Across the Foreign-Domestic Divide in Homeland Security Donald J. Reed 2/2 S-08
Internet Terrorism Michael L. Hummel 2/2 S-08
Maritime Pirates, Sea Robbers, and Terrorists: New Approaches to Emerging Threats John I. Winn, Kevin H. Govern 2/2 S-08
Book Review: Terrorist Recognition Handbook: A Practitioner's Manual for Predicting and Identifying Terrorist Activities Kevin H. Govern 2/2 S-08
Is Our "Soul Prepared?" Testing the Myth of Suicide Terrorists as "the Ultimate Smart Bomb" John A. Tures 2/3 F-08
The Next Administration's Homeland Security Strategic Canvas Donald J. Reed 2/3 F-08
Regional/National Security in the European Union Robert L. Nicholson 2/3 F-08
The Structure and Function of Public-Private Partnerships for Homeland Security Jeremy G. Carter 2/3 F-08

Volume 3, Nos. 1-3 (2009)

Title Author(s) Vol/No Date
Reexamining the "War of Ideas" and "Us-them" differentiation: Implications for Counterterrorism Adam Lankford 3/1 W-09
Addressing Evangelization in the US Military: Recommendations for a Revised Legal & Policy Approach to Religious Accommodation Megan T. Jaye 3/1 W-09
Critical Decision Making Under Pressure Fred Leland 3/1 W-09
America's Homegrown Terrorists of the 21st Century: The Disgruntled, the Obsessed, and the Mad…Three Types, One Challenge? James Ottavio Castagnera 3/2 S-09
Order Maintenance within Homeland Security James F. Pastor 3/2 S-09
FISA and NSA Spying: Are There Constitutional Implications? P.D. Watkins 3/2 S-09
Book Review: Human Killing machines - Systematic Indoctrination in Iran, Nazi Germany, Al Qaeda and Abu Ghraib Kevin H. Govern 3/2 S-09
The Future of Homeland Security Charles P. Nemeth 3/3 F-09
Adapative Leader Methodology: An Alternative for Better Outcomes Fred Leland, Don Vandergriff 3/3 F-09
President Obama's Directives and Homeland Security: The Year in Review Christina A. Toras 3/3 F-09
Book Review: Communicating Emergency Preparedness: Strategies for Creating a Disaster Resilient Public Marc Glasser 3/3 F-09

Vol. 4, Nos. 1-3 (2010)

Title Author(s) Vol/No Date
A Functionalist's Perspective of Bioterrorism and Global Adversity Darren K. Stocker, Patricia Griffin, Charles Kocher 4/1 W-10
All Species are Created Equal? The Legal and Illegal Efforts of Animal Rights Activists to Secure Lower-Order Civil Rights & Liberties James Ottavio Castagnera 4/1 W-10
Using Shared Technology in Bioterrorism Planning and Response: Do Privacy Laws Affect Administrative Judgments? Brian K. Collins, Helen Morrow 4/1 W-10
Book Review: Terrorism and Public Safety Policing: Implications for the Obama Presidency Martin Zaworski 4/1 W-10
Public-Private Policing Arrangements & Recommendations James F. Pastor 4/2 S-10
Lifting the Veil on Terrorism: an Analysis of the Relationship between Women's Oppression and Terrorism Vanessa MacKinnon 4/2 S-10
The Creation of Judicial Compromise: Prosecuting Detainees in a National Security Court System in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Christie L. Richardson 4/2 S-10
Reviewing Bush-Era Counterterrorism Policy after 9/11: Reconciling Ethical and Practical Considerations Katherine L. Herrmann 4/2 S-10
Sensemaking in a Nascent Field:  A Conceptual Framework for Understanding the Emerging Discipline of Homeland Security William V. Pelfrey, Sr., Ph.D.; William V. Pelfrey, Jr., Ph.D. 4/3 F-10
Patriotic Enemies of the State: A Cross-Case Comparison of the Christian Patriot Movement and the 1920s Ku Klux Klan Paul D. Brister 4/3 F-10
Swedish Open Immigration Policies - Correlation with Terrorism Robert Nicholson 4/3 F-10

Vol. 5, Nos. 1-3 (2011)

Title Author(s) Vol/No Date
Who is running Al Qaeda? Michael L. Hummel, Ph.D. 5/1 W-11
Agroterrorism: Risk, Assessment, and Proactive Responses  Darren K. Stocker, Patricia M. Griffin, Charles J. Kocher, and Tina M. Raquet 5/1 W-11
Deconstructing Terrorism:  Counter-Terrorism’s Trajectory for the 21st Century Thomas Albert Gilly, LLD, LLM, LLB 5/1 W-11
Jihadi Concept of Fourth Generation Warfare Col. Dan Dickerson 5/2 S-11
An 'Impeccable' Relationship: The Sino-American Dyad in International Relations Theory John A. Tures 5/2 S-11
Unlawful Activities Prevention Act-UAPA (India) & U.S.-Patriot Act (USA): A Comparative Analysis Chandrika M. Kelso , Thomas M. Green , James E. Guffey , James G. Larson  & Marc Glasser 5/2 S-11
Protecting Critical Infrastructures: Screening Workers for Private Sector Security-Related Employment John Winn, JD, LLM 5/2 S-11
Proceedings of the 2011 West Point Critical Infrastructure Symposium 5/3 F-11
Terrorists and Nature:  Preparedness of Municipalities to Protect Against and Respond to Terrorist Activities during a Natural Disaster Christopher Jacobs 5/3 F-11
Protecting Transportation Infrastructure from Terrorism Scott K. Parry 5/3 F-11
Critical Infrastructure Protection Program: A Case Study on Higher Education Collaboration in Homeland Security Kenneth F. Newbold, Jr.  & Benjamin T. Delp 5/3 F-11
Generator Location Problems for Mitigating Unmet Demand in Local Power Infrastructure Systems Faith Michael  & Thomas Sharkey 5/3 F-11
Infrastructure Analysis: A Corps Staff Officer’s Perspective Captain Erik R. Wright, P.E. 5/3 F-11
Integrated Analytics: Understanding Critical Infrastructure Behaviors for Resilience Analysis William J. Tolone  & Mark Armstrong 5/3 F-11
Blazing a Trail:   Initial Infrastructure Protection Education at the U.S. Air Force Academy David E. Eng  & Stanley P. Rader 5/3 F-11
Cyberwarfare Implications for Critical Infrastructure Sectors Zhen Zhang, Esq. 5/3 F-11
Bridging the CIP Capability Gaps:  An Interdisciplinary, Multi-Modal Model for Advanced Education Wayne Boone 5/3 F-11

Vol. 6, Nos. 1-3 (2012)

Title Author(s) Vol/No Date
A Call to Arms:  Community Systems Disruption and the Need for Open-source Organizing Luke Allison 6/1 W-12
Book Review: Safeguarding the Mail a book review of "The History Of Mail Bombs : A Philatelic & Historical  Study" by Dale Spiers Mark Sommer 6/1 W-12
The Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition: An Analysis of Policing Along the U.S.-Mexican Border Michael P. Wigginton, Carl J. Jensen 6/1 W-12
Proceedings of the 5th Annual Conference on Homeland & International Security, California University of Pennsylvania, October 25, 2011
Bullying Victimization among College Students (A Transnational Problem): A Test of Agnew's General Strain Theory Dr. Diab M. Al-Badayneh, Dr. Aref Al-Khattar, Dr. Rafe Al-Kresha, Dr. Khawla Al-Hasan 6/2 S-12
Civilian Protection in Mexico & Guatemala: Humanitarian Engagement with Druglords & Gangs Dr. Ami C. Carpenter 6/2 S-12
Deadly Borders: The Role of Forensic Anthropology in Homeland Security in the Southwestern United States Dr. Cassandra L. Kuba 6/2 S-12
Defeating Maritime Piracy Michael L. Hummel, Ph.D. 6/2 S-12
Commentaries Dr. Andrae Marak, Dr. Alan Karras, Dr. Elaine Carey, Dr. James Coldren 6/2 S-12
The USA Patriot Act: Legislative (In)Justice? Christopher M. Bellas 6/3 F-12
Victim Centered Disaster Planning Considerations Daniel E. Della-Giustina 6/3 F-12
U.S. Land Border Security: The Strength of the Physical Protection System along the U.S.-Canadian Border Chad W. Harris 6/3 F-12
Members Wanted: Terrorism and its Growth Industry Richard J. Hughbank & Joseph Ferrandino 6/3 F-12

Vol. 7, Nos. 1-3 (2013)

Title Author(s) Vol/No Date
Proceedings of the Third Annual Critical Infrastructure Symposium, April 23 & 24, 2012 7/1 W-13
Full Spectrum Resilience E. Wayne Boone & Steven D. Hart 7/1 W-13
Moral Hazard in the Floodplain Home Development System: An Analysis Merline Boone & Dr. Led Klosky, P.E. 7/1 W-13
Integrated National Natural Gas Strategy: Lessons Learned from the German Perspective Lauren Ulmer 7/1 W-13
Resilience Return on Investment-An Impossible Argument? Mukta Agrawal & Casey Church 7/1 W-13
A Futures Scenario for National Security Critical Infrastructure: The Human Information Appliance, the Mesh, and the Future Production of Intelligence R.E. Burnett, Ph.D 7/1 W-13
Resilience Profiles: One Approach Does not Fit All Casey Church, Mukta Agrawal & Joel Mehler 7/1 W-13
Operations Research Support for Critical Infrastructure Resilience in the Province of British Columbia Lynne Genik, MSc 7/1 W-13
Information Sharing and Public-Private Partnerships: The Impact on Homeland Security Austen D. Givens & Nathan E. Busch 7/2 S-13
Reading Presidential Was Powers Narrowly: Politics and Presidential Self-Interest Dr. Darren A. Wheeler 7/2 S-13
Protecting Americs Food Supply: The Food and Drug Administration's Role in Hazard Mitigation Herbert S. Mack 7/2 S-13
The New Paradigm: Terrorism Policing is More than Policing Terrorists. The Need for Adaptive Models of Terrorism Policing Dr. Thomas Albert Gilly 7/2 S-13
Elevating Imported Fresh Produce Safety and Velocity:  Can a Threat Point Process Improve the Produce Supply Chain? Albert Kagan, Mark Edwards & William Nganje 7/3 F-13
Long-Term Impact of Training following Disaster Response Exercises David J. Cook, Carole Dale Grube, Marta Skalacki, Niaman Nazir & Won Choi  7/3 F-13
Intelligence-Led Policing as a Tool for Countering the Terrorism Threat Carl J. Jensen III, James L. Regens & Natalie Griffin 7/3 F-13
Terrorism Investigations and the Public Safety Exception to the Miranda Rule Michael T. Geary 7/3 F-13