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The beautiful Emeriti Fountain at night.The beautiful Emeriti Fountain at night.

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Available Seminars

The following list of seminars are being offered by the Institute for Law and Public Policy. To read more information about the courses below, click the seminar title to expand the corresponding tab. You may register online to attend.

Sex Assault Investigations

Seminar Location: Beaver County 911 Center

This course on sex assault investigations will cover a number of important aspects with a variety of speakers.  Topics will include victim interviews, child and elder sex abuse, drug facilitated sex assaults, SANE nursing and sex assault kits, forensic interviews and physical exams of children, victim advocates, and the neurobiology of trauma.  Also; trial, search warrants, testifying and other legal issues will be discussed.

Date - April 24 through April 26, 2017
Location: Beaver County 911 Center
351 14th Street, Ambridge, PA 15003


  • Day One
    • Overview and Investigations - Det. Brian Kohlhepp, Ross Police
      • Statistics
      • Barriers to rape reporting
      • HIPPA
      • SAFER Act
      • Child and Elder Sex Assault
      • Other Investigative Techniques
        • Pre-text phone calls
    • Sex Assault Evidence Collection Kits -- Deb Shane, SANE RN, UPMC Mercy
  • Day Two
    • Child SA Investigative Assistance
      • Children Youth and Families, practice and protocol
      • Forensic Interviews
      • Physical Examinations
    • Working with Victims -- Megan Schroeder and Marissa Escajeda, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape
      • Neurobiology of Trauma
    • Drug Facilitated Sex Assaults -- Jen Janssen, Allegheny County ME's Office, Toxicology
      • Toxicology
  • Day Three
    • Behavioral Oriented Interview -- Det. Brian Kohlhepp, Ross Police
    • Legal Issues -- Deputy DA Jan Necessary, Allegheny County DA's Office
      • Search Warrants
      • Charging and Criminal Complaints
      • Testifying and Coutroom Procedure
    • Victim Testimony or Case Presentation