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The Linda and Harry Serene Leadership Institute

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About Us

Linda '64 and Dr. Harry '65 Serene, both California University of Pennsylvania graduates, founded the Linda and Harry Serene Leadership Institute for the purpose of giving back to the University and, most importantly, the local community. 

Founded in fall 2009, the institute sponsors a leadership camp for local high school students, a speaker series and a leadership conference. In addition, the institute offers organizational management, lectures, seminars and professional training courses.

Mission Statement

The Linda and Harry Serene Leadership Institute will provide education and training to prepare people from all segments of our society for leadership roles. This will be accomplished by integrating scholarly studies through a highly developed curriculum; promoting intensive research and publications; putting theoretical constructs into practice; stressing the importance of values and ethics; and exploring best practices in all aspects of leadership studies.


Student poses with Linda and Harry Serene.
Breanna Lincoski (center) poses for a picture with Dr. and Mrs. Serene at the Cal U Homecoming 2012. Lincoski was a 2011 participant of the Serene Leadership Camp from California Area School District and was recently named Pennsylvania's 2012 Homecoming Queen.

2012 Leadership Conference

The Linda and Harry Serene Leadership Institute co-sponsored a conference about leadership on April 24. This conference, organized by the American Democracy Project, was comprised of the following topics: Leading Against Corruption, Legal Decisions and Ethics , and Public Service Leadership.

Leadership Challenge Leadership Camp: Leadership Challenge is a weeklong summer adventure where high school students partake in leadership education and activities to help them reach their full potential. While building friendships, students will gain leadership skills, self-confidence and a foundation for success. Activities include classroom work, practical exercises in leadership/professional/self development, film reviews and active discussions.

Click on the image below to view a slideshow of the 2012 Leadership Challenge Leadership Camp.
A high school student hangs on to tires suspended by rope.

View photos from the 2011 leadership camp

2012 Leadership Conference

On April 24, the Linda and Harry Serene Leadership Institute co-sponsored a panel discussion on the topics of leading against corruption, legal decisions and ethics, and public service leadership.

Serene Leadership Advisory Board

Dr. and Mrs. Harry Serene

Bart Gabler

Dr. Bill Rullo

Michael Kurilla

Faculty Consultants

The Institute offers organizational management and leadership consulting, faculty lectures, seminars, and professional training courses.