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Ready to start using primary sources in your classroom? Well, we've got some great resources that you can start using today!  Created by teachers for teachers, these ready-to-use materials provide easy ways to incorporate primary sources into instruction.


Inquiry Based Digital Narratives: Teacher YouTube projects from the 2008 TPS Summer Institute:

Remember Kennywood - Grades 7-10, Science, Physics

Thomas Jefferson - Grades 9-12, Social Studies, History

What It Means to be an American - Grade 9, Civics, Social Studies

Italian Immigrants - Grades 6-8, Geography, Social Studies

George Washington - Grades 6-8, History, Social Studies

Food Guides - All Grades, Health, Phys Ed

Community Helpers - Grades 3-5, Social Studies



Content created and featured in partnership with the Teaching with Primary Sources program does not indicate an endorsement by the Library of Congress.

Teacher Lesson Plans

Grades 1 - 3

The Teaching with Primary Sources Department has held six Summer Institutes and ten Alumni Workshops and we have collected some very good resources from educators that you can begin using in your classroom.  These are resources that can be utilized by Educators in Grades 1 through 3. Please enjoy!



Lesson Plan Title Social Studies Science Math Language Arts Music Art PE/Health & Wellness
Transportation Past & Present X
Native American Life X
Industrial Revolution Children X
Firefighters X X
Community Helpers X
 Discovering Pittsburgh X X
Native Americans Culture and the Impact of Change X
Children's Activities and Safety Equipment X X
Children's Lives at the Turn of the 20th Century X X
Why was the Caldecott Award Created? X

Grades 4 - 6

Grades 7 - 12

The Teaching with Primary Sources Department has held six Summer Institutes and ten Alumni Workshops and we have collected some very good resources that you can begin using in your classroom.  These are resources that can be utilized by Educators in Grades 7 through 12. Please enjoy!


Lesson Plan Title Social Sciences Science Math Language Arts Music Art Foreign Language Family Consumer Science Library & Research
Special Ed Classrooms
How a film composer writes for movies X
Eye Spy Math X
The Greatest Composers X
Juanita's Dream-An Exploration of Mayan Culture





It's a Pitch X
The Star Spangled Banner-An American Original? X
The Great Gatsby: Setting the Scene X


Aspartame X
Changing Family Values X
Government Control X
Marketing & Design X
Obesity Crisis X X
Western PA Industry X X X
Math in Real Life X X
Cartoons X X
Newspapers-Now & Then X X
Freedom Riders X X
Locating places on a Map X X
Pearl Harbor X X

Slave Narratives

Slavery X X
The Submarine X X X
WWII Communication X X
Out of the Dust X X
Sarah Gudger-Slave X X
Slavery X X
Attack on Pearl Harbor X X
Map Skills X X
War in the Pacific X X
Thanksgiving X X
Blaise Pascal X X
September 11 X
Sept 11, 2001 X X
Accounts of Tribulation and Freedom: Slave Narratives From Civil War Era X
Pixels to Pontillism X
Snap Your Inspiration X
Contributions of Women During WWII X
Geo-Scientific Success of the Wright Brothers X X
Mechanics of Flight: Mans Imitation of Nature X
 Whiskey Rebellion X
The Art in Advertising X X
Enchanted Islands: The Galapagos X
Harlem Renaissance X X
 Our Founding Fathers X
Education of African Americans X X
 Harriett Tubman X
 Intro to Physics X X
Investigating Technology, Media and Culture X X X
Disasters X
Pearl Harbor - A Surprise Attack on America X
Walt Disney Cartooning and Animation X
 Hinduism X
 Japanese-American Persecution: Responding to the Unfairness, Change and Loss X
 Music and Native-American Life X X
 Work Songs Underscored the Rebuilding of the South X X
 Then vs. Now: Comparing and Contrasting Editorial Cartoons X X X
The Effects of Natural Disasters on Society X X
 Causes and Effects of Pollution X X
 Compare and Contrast Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks X X
 Number the Stars: Predictions and Analysis X X
 The Titanic X X
 Compare and Contrast the Events of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 X X
Perceptions and Worldviews of the Holocaust X X
 What Is An American?  Defining An Ever-Changing Concept X
Declaration of Independence: Created Equal? X
 Immigration: Puerto Rican & Cuban X X
Exploring F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby Through The Eyes of the Jazz Age X X X
Metric vs. Imperial Measurement Systems X X
 U.S. Abolition Movement: Social Division in Early America X X
Importance of Visual Allegories X X
Jamestown Settlement in the 17th Century
Regina Indian Captive
Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream
The Little Rock Nine X X
The Watson's go to Birmingham X X
Preparing for Spring: Planning a School Garden X X X
American Library History: Thomas Jefferson Papers X X X
Child Labor: Then and Now X X
Using Primary Sources to Verify Boyle's Law X X X X
Emily Dickinson: Who Was She? X X

Primary Source Sets

Below is a sample of a few Primary Source sets from the Library of Congress.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln: Speeches, correspondence, campaign materials and a map documenting the free and slave states in 1856 chronicle Lincoln’s rise to national prominence.


Baseball: Across a Divided Society:  Song sheets, video clips, images, trading cards, and photographs tell the story of how baseball emerged as the American national pastime. Featured primary source items show Americans from different backgrounds and social experiences embracing the sport.

Themed Resources

Exhibitions, special presentations, lesson plans and other materials gathered from throughout the Library of Congress for selected curricular themes.

The Civil War

America's Civil War made real through photographs and sketches; maps, letters and diaries; oral histories and music.



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