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TPS Center for Oral History Mission and Vision Statement

Teaching with Primary Sources Center for Oral History at California University of PA
College of Education and Human Services

Mission: The mission of the Teaching with Primary Sources Center for Oral History at California University of Pennsylvania is to provide teacher professional development focusing on the effective use and creation of oral histories for classroom instruction and service learning.  The mission also includes facilitating the preservation of community history through oral history and the provision of training, consultation, and technical assistance to others pursuing oral history-based instruction or community-based oral history projects in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Vision: We envision the Teaching with Primary Sources Center for Oral History at California University of Pennsylvania to be southwestern Pennsylvania’s center for excellence for all matters pertaining to oral history in educational and community settings.

The Center for Oral History serves:
•    K-16 educators
•    K-16 students
•    Researchers
•    Historians
•    Community members/groups
•    Organizations/associations

The Center of Oral History provides:   
•    Teacher professional development for using oral history in classrooms or service learning
•    Interviewer training
•    Consultation for oral history project planning
•    Technical assistance for conducting community oral histories
•    Access to current oral history research and resources

The Teaching with Primary Sources Center for Oral History at California University of PA is attached to the College of Education and Human Services.

TPS program staff is a faculty resource. Upon request, we work with faculty members to design and implement instructional strategies that incorporate the use of oral history in the classroom to enhance and create student learning opportunities.


Content created and featured in partnership with the Teaching with Primary Sources program does not indicate an endorsement by the Library of Congress.

Nation's Conflicts

Afghanistan/Enduring Freedom

Brown, Joseph K - Army (Timelog) (Transcript)

Popielarcheck, Elizabeth A. - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Sandy, Gary L. - National Guard (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Sawmelle, Gregory M. - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)



Cold War (general)

Raymond E. Boyles - Navy/Army (Audio MP3) (Timelog)

Lawrence R. Papini - Amry (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Transcript) (Audio MP3)

Thomas E. Powers, Sr. - Army (LOC Record)

John M. Russell - Marines (LOC Record)


Desert Storm/Gulf

Richard W. Bedillion - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

William J. Boardley - Air Force (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Transcript)

Raymond E. Boyles - Navy/Army (Audio MP3) (Timelog)

David L. Ellis - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Michael L. Hummel - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Transcript) (Audio MP3)

Andrae M. Marak - Army Reserves (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3) (Transcript)

Ramsey T. Price - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

David A. Rugg - Army (LOC Record)

Walter P. Saunders - Air Force (LOC Record)

Sandra L. Slaven - PA Air National Guard (LOC Record) (Transcript)

Kevin C. Szallar - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Charles E. Thomas - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Judith E. Smith Weiner - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3)



Michael L. Hummel - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Transcript) (Audio MP3)


Iraqi Freedom

William J. Boardley - PA Air National Guard (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Transcript)

Joseph K. Brown - Army (Timelog)

John R. Cencich - Air Force (LOC Record)

Jonathan C. Latsnic - Marines (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Patrick J. McGonigle, III - Air Force (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Camilo E. Mejia - Army (Timelog) (Audio MP3)

Gregory M. Sawmelle - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Aziza S. Alamri Villamar - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)



Frank E. Britko - Army (LOC Record)

Allan R. Bunner - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Furman F. Frazee - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Charles M. Gray - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

John W. Hoak - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3) (Memories)

Dale Huffman - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Jerry Lucketti, Jr. - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

John P. Murtha (Congressman) - Marines (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Transcript)

Alfred Pasini - Navy (LOC Record)

Walter E. Piatt - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Laurence F. Ross - Army (Army Security Agency) (LOC Record) (Audio only)

John G. Toth - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Ronald D. Zinn, Sr. - Air Force (LOC Record) (Timelog)


Richard W. Bedillion - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Charles B. Begley - Army (LOC Record)

Gerry F. Donnelly - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

David J. Dzurinko - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Anthony R. Fiem - Navy (LOC Record)

Edward W. Fonner - Air Force (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Howard B. Frazee - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

William J. Garcher - Marines (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3) (Photos)

Thomas L. Jameson - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Daniel J. McCready - Marines (LOC Record) (TImelog)

Walden F. Moats - Air Force (LOC Record) (Timelog)

John P. Murtha (Congressman) - Marines (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Transcript)

Jack E. O'Savage - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Thomas C. Panian - Marines (LOC Record)

Harold E. Philliips - Army (LOC Record)

Samuel B. Reihner - Marines (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Larry L. Ridgway - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Bruce A. Russell - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Thomas E. Stock - Army (LOC Record)

Dennis C. Sweeney - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Daniel W. Walbert - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

David R. Worobec, Sr. - Air Force (LOC Record) (Timelog)


World War II

Robert E. Baker - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Anthony Belcastro - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Walter R. Bethem - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Melvin J. Bingey - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Dolan F. Braughler - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Michael J. Brna, Sr. - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3) (Video)

Merland B. Carson - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Larry Claypool - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3)

Hugh M. Crawford - Army Air Corp (LOC Record)

Peter A. Ferrelli - Army/Air Force (LOC Record)

George T. Frame - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Herbert L. Gibson - Army (LOC Record)

Lawrence S. Hamaker, Jr. - Army Air Corp (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Naoe E. Kaneko Hartzog - US Military Housekeeper (LOC Record) (Timelog)

John W. Hoak - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3) (Memories)

Charles W. Holet - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Louis A. Johns - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Kenneth D. Koontz - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Alec Lonich - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

James B. Madden - Navy - (LOC Record)

Harry S. Meikle - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Thomas C. Miller - Army (LOC Record)

Donald H. Mitz - Air Force (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Harry Morgan - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Lawrence A. Morgan - Navy (LOC Record)

Fritz Ottenheimer - Army (LOC Record) (Audio MP3)

Alfred Pasini - Army (LOC Record)

Curtis A. Prest - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3)

Eugene J. Rockacy - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Gerhard Hermann Roberts - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3)

Ralph Ruscello - Army (LOC Record)

John S. Signorello - Army (LOC Record)

Bernard J. Singer - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Alfred F. Smith - Air Force (LOC Record)

Sarah Stephenson - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Joseph Svrcek - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3)

John G. Toth - Navy (LOC Record)

Anthony C. Vigliotti - Army (LOC Record) (Timelog) (MP3) (Photos) (Service History)

James E. Warren - Civilian Public Service (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3)

John R. Yates - Navy (LOC Record) (Timelog)

Howard Zinn - Army Air Corps (LOC Record) (Timelog) (Audio MP3)

Yugoslavia/Allied Forces

Gary L. Sandy - National Guard (LOC Record) (Timelog)


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