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About Cal U For Life

A photo of the Cal U Candelight CeremonyThe Cal U For Life program at California University of Pennsylvania is about forging lifelong relationships: the relationship between students and their University, faculty and staff and their place of employment, and alumni and their alma mater.

Our campus is rich in history and traditions. Cal U has been around for more than 157 years and over that period of time, we have grown into a regional institution that our students, staff, faculty and alumni can be proud of. Our campus offers many programs to students that are not common or even available at many other institutions, such as groundbreaking research, a robust group of clubs and organizations, and world-class affiliations with organizations such as the Smithsonian Institute. By providing these types of opportunities to you, we hope that you'll begin to feel gratitude to the University for fulfilling a promise our president made to you on your first weekend on campus.

Cal U For Life revives old traditions, institutes new traditions and builds intergenerational relationships between students and alumni. Through opportunities such as Homecoming, Continuing Education and career counseling for both students and alumni, there are always many ways to stay connected to Cal U. By making these connections, we keep these relationships strong and create new ones, which can help build careers for our current students and alumni.

This program aims to promote not only a sense of family on campus and in the community, but to also build character in our University by helping to instill a culture of philanthropy. By building a relationship and ultimately a family with faculty, staff, students and alumni, a successful culture of student philanthropy can be established. This goal is built into all that we stand for on this campus. From the Mission Statement: "Instill a culture of philanthropy among students, faculty, staff and alumni," or from the Bill of Rights and Responsibilities: "We have the responsibility to treat others fairly," being philanthropic and giving everyone a fair opportunity are not new ideas on this campus. Cal U For Life just gives these ideas a foundation to be taught and a forum to be discussed.

Cal U For Life: Giving

Each day Cal U students, staff, faculty and alumni continue our tradition of philanthropy by giving freely of their time, talent and treasure.