Giving - Time, Talent, Treasure

A photo of Cal U students gathered on the football stadium field.Cal U for Life celebrates the lifelong relationship between you and your alma mater. Even as a student you can find a place within our culture of philanthropy, which asks all members of the Cal U community to share their time, talent and treasure.


If you're a freshman, we encourage you to give some of your time to help others on campus or in the California community. There are many opportunities to give back, including the Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Service, the annual Big Event and activities sponsored by clubs, teams and Greek organizations. From September 2008 to May 2009, Cal U students recorded more than 21,300 hours of community service in the California community, the Mon Valley and beyond.

You can find many ways to give of your time through the Office of Civic Engagement


If you're a second- or third-year student who has developed some skill or capability, we encourage you to donate your time and talent to worthy causes, such as tutoring elementary school children, becoming a peer mentor or helping to raise funds for charity. For example, our sports management majors lend a hand at Special Olympics events each year, while other students introduce children to the outdoors at the annual Pike Run Youth Fishing Festival.

You can give your talent in many different ways, some of which are 'win-win'. Consider doing an internship through the Internship Center. You will be able to gain valuable experience and give of yourself at the same time.


If you're a senior student or a member of the alumni community, we encourage you not only to continue sharing your time and talent, but also to offer financial support. Last year, Cal U's friends and alumni contributed almost $1 million! Most of that money went to award scholarships to help our students.

Your lifelong relationship with Cal U begins with your first day on campus and grows deeper as you interact with faculty, staff and your Cal U classmates. Many of the benefits you're enjoying now, such as our new studio-style labs and the Cal U for Life Scholarship Fund, were made possible by alumni who continue to support the University and its students.

Just as their legacy was important to the success of Cal U, your philanthropic support will ensure that future generations continue to receive a high-quality Cal U education at an affordable price. You, too, have the opportunity to make a real difference by continuing this tradition of philanthropy throughout your life. That's what being a Cal U student is about. Your first giving experience should be through the Class Gift Drive.


To learn more about Cal U for Life, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at or (724) 938-4418.