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Showing Gratitude

a certificate of appreciation We hope that your time spent at Cal U will be a rich and rewarding journey that will last your entire lifetime. Many of our alumni, as well as the faculty and staff, contributed in some way to your education.

Our students have often expressed the desire to extend their gratitude to an alumnus who has generously donated money toward a scholarship, a staff member who helped them get acclimated to the University, or a faculty member who was instrumental in teaching them the skills they needed to excel in their chosen career field.

A thank you card





You can say "thank you" by sending a postcard, thank you card, or a parchment certificate that expresses your gratitude to anyone. To fill out a postcard or thank you card visit the drawing room in the Michael and Julia Kara Alumni House. One of our staff members would be happy to assist you and mail your card free of charge. You can also download an electronic version of our "Certificate of Appreciation." This allows you to be able to customize and print a certificate on your own. 

Should you have any questions about thanking someone, feel free to contact us!