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Superintendent Letter of Eligibility

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Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility - Credits:  18-27  (program code: 0455)

Program Description

The superintendent letter of eligibility (SLE) program provides an opportunity for a graduate student to obtain certification in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a superintendent. Although not required for admission to the program, certification by the state of Pennsylvania requires a minimum of six years of professional certified service in the basic schools, three years of which shall have been in administration or supervision. The three years of administrative or supervision experience must be completed before certification endorsement will be granted by the University.

Cal U's professional and knowledgeable faculty is drawn from the ranks of practicing school superintendents that represent the best of school leadership in southwestern Pennsylvania. All faculty members have extensive experience as teachers and administrators in area public schools.

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100 percent online delivery) 

Classes are conducted online with field experiences and internships taking place at the student's site.


Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, this online program meets state educational requirements for certification as a superintendent. The program complies with Interstate School Leader Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards and Educational Leadership Constituent Council Standards (ELCC), and may be used to meet certification and professional development requirements in other states. The coursework has also been approved by the Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership Program (PIL).

Admission Criteria


Completion of an approved certification program is a requirement for certification in Pennsylvania. In the certification process, the University informs the state that a student has completed the University's state-approved program. The state then reviews the student's credentials and determines eligibility for certification. We encourage all students to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education before beginning Cal U's program for further information about certification requirements in Pennsylvania.

Students seeking certification in a state other than Pennsylvania must check their respective state Department of Education requirements and whether completing the superintendent letter of eligibility at Cal U will be accepted. Out-of-state students seeking Pennsylvania certification are required to notify the department of that intent in order to meet the Pennsylvania certification expectations. Additional information related to Pennsylvania certification can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Education website:

Special Program Requirements

Although not required for admission, certification by the state of Pennsylvania requires a minimum of six years of professional certified service in the basic schools, three of which shall have been in administration. These three years must be completed before certification endorsement will be granted by the University. These can be obtained before, after or during participation in the program.

Transfer Credits

Request for transfer credit must occur once a student is officially accepted into the program and prior to beginning any coursework. At that time, contact the program coordinator for information on the transfer credit review process.


Candidates in the SLE program receive academic and professional counseling throughout their enrollment in the program.  Each candidate is assigned to an academic adviser from the time he/she is accepted into the program of study. Advisers work with candidates to discuss, monitor and provide counseling as it relates to their program of study.

Program Website

For Additional Information

Phone: 866-595-6348

Program Coordinator

Silvia Braidic, Ed.D. and Superintendent Letter of Eligibility (University of Pittsburgh); Administrative Certification: Concentration, Elementary and Secondary Pennsylvania Principal Certification (Carnegie Mellon University); M.S. Ed., B.S. Ed. (Duquesne University)
          Web Page:

Program Faculty

J. Kevin Lordon, Ed.D., Associate Professor, Full-time Faculty; Administrative Leadership Programs; Department of Secondary Education and Administrative Leadership

For faculty bios, visit: