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Minor in Pre-Law

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Chose one course in each category below:

Business & Economics
BUS 342 Business, Society and Government
BUS 345 Business Ethics
ECO 304 Money and Banking
ECO 308 Public Finance

COM 230 Argumentation & Debate
COM 350 Persuasion
COM 351 Rhetoric, Theory

Criminal Justice
JUS 361 Court Systems
JUS 365 Mock Trial Concepts
JUS 397 Law and Evidence

ENG 306 Press Law and Ethics
ENG 308 Research for Writers
ENG 345 English Grammar & Usage

HIS 308 American Constitution
HIS 322 Religious Persecution
HIS 435 History of Law

PHI 115 Logic and Language
PHI 225 Social & Political
PHI 370 Philosophy of Law

Political Science
POS 314 Const. Law: Governmental
POS 315 Const. Law: Civil Liberties
POS 316 Judicial Policy & Politics