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ELM-Grades 4 thru 8 Education

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ELM200 - Introduction to Middle Level Education (Grades 4 to 8)

This course is an introductory overview course in which teacher candidates are exposed to many topics that they will explore in depth in future specialization courses for the program. In the course, students will gain first-hand experiences with professional behaviors expected of middle level teachers. Thirty hours of field experiences are required, fulfilling the initial field requirement of the Early, Middle, and Special Education department. Course objectives, course outline, and the performance assessments reflect the ten standards for beginning teachers’ licensing and development, written by the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC), as well as the seven standards of the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE). Prerequisites: a. The course must be taken after the accumulation of 15 and prior to the accumulation of 48 credits. b. Transfer students should take the course prior to completion of 24 Cal U credits. c. Current clearances are required (ACT 34, 151, 114, and 24) d. 2.5 Grade Point Average (3 crs.)

ELM220 - Instruction and Assessment in Grades 4-8 Classrooms

This course is designed to provide teacher candidates with the theoretical and practical background necessary to develop instruction and assessment activities that meet Pennsylvania Department of Education Academic Standards as well as the standards set forth by the National Middle School Association. Topics covered include: developmentally appropriate practices, grade 4-8 curriculum models, constructivist instructional strategies, and assessment of student learning. Through class discussions, practice sessions, role-playing, and microteaching, the teacher candidates will learn how to plan for and utilize strategies based on research in effective teaching. Prerequisite: 2.50 GPA.; current clearances (3 crs.)

ELM301 - ELM 301 - Reading, Methods, Assessment and Intervention in Grades 4-8

This course is designed to build upon a scientific base to the practice of teaching literacy to middle level students from grades four to eight, with an emphasis on comprehending a variety of texts in the content areas. Teaching strategies are based on theoretical and research-based assumptions that readers construct meaning as they decode, using what they know about print and the world to understand written text. Candidates learn how to assess, make instructional decisions, and provide interventions that will meet the needs of a diverse classroom population. The course is standards-based, supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Education standards for teacher preparation, as well as the International Reading Association (IRA), the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI), the Interstate New Teacher Assessment Consortium (INTASC), and the National Middle School Association. Teacher candidates participate in university classroom and field experiences that provide them with the knowledge, pedagogy, and dispositions needed to teach literacy to middle school children in a variety of classroom settings. Prerequisite: 2.5 Q.P.A.; ELM 220; current clearances (3 crs.)

ELM302 - Language Arts Methods, Assessments and Interventions in Grades 4-8

This is the first in a series of two courses that examine the development of literacy in children and adolescents in grades 4-8. Candidates are taught how to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, with an emphasis on the development of writing skills, using an integrated approach that includes a wide variety of literature, as advocated by the International Reading Association and consistent with the constructivist theory of teaching and learning. Theoretical orientations to literacy instruction, with a focus on writing, are introduced, analyzed, and evaluated. Practical implications of these theories are examined in detail, and students are expected to demonstrate strategies through the use of formal and informal assessment, lesson planning, presentations, and mini lessons. Prerequisites: Minimum 2.50 GPA, ELM 220, current clearances (3 crs.)

ELM311 - Math Methods, Assessments, and Interventions in Grades 4-8

This course reviews the teacher candidates’ own math skills while they learn a variety of strategies to be used in teaching mathematics to elementary/middle level students. Rooted in national and PA math standards, assessment anchors and the common explanations children use to understand math, the candidates will engage in teaching short activities to small groups of children in grades 4 through 8. These activities will include connections to other mathematics concepts, to subject areas, and to real life situations. Prerequisite: 2.50 GPA.;ELM 220; current clearances (3 crs.)

ELM321 - Science Methods, Assessments, and Interventions in Grades 4-8

This course provides undergraduate teacher candidates the science education knowledge, skills and dispositions expected of beginning elementary/middle level teachers in discipline specific classrooms. The course provides an overview of the nature of science and scientific inquiry and focuses on science process skill teaching strategies. Candidates learn and practice science teaching skills based on science education research such as: creating a classroom environment conducive to scientific inquiry, designing science lesson plans, assessing student attainment of academic standards, and using the local community as a location and topic of classroom science instruction. The course seeks to connect students to the professional community of science education professionals and resources. Prerequisites: 2.50 GPA, ELM 220; 9 credits of General Education science courses with labs in earth, life and physical Sciences. Current clearances (3 crs.)

ELM331 - Social Studies Methods, Assessments, and Interventions in Grades 4-8

The foundations of the social studies are examined. Instructional strategies and resources for the constructivist social studies classroom will be discussed and demonstrated. Attention will be given to current trends and the present status of grades 4-8 social studies. Prerequisites: Minimum 2.50 GPA, ELM 220, current clearances (3 crs.)

ELM360 - Environment, Ecology and Nature Studies

This course explores educational strategies, practices and ethics for use when teaching people about the environment, ecology, and natural history of their local community. Course activities examine the complex relationship between humans and their environment from multiple perspectives. Historical, current and research-based approaches to public school student and citizen education provide the focus for an in-depth examination of the individual’s role in contributing to the health, sustainability and mutual dependence between natural communities and human communities. Prerequisites: 9 credits of science laboratory courses in earth, life and physical sciences; Minimum GPA 2.50; ELM 220, current clearances (3 crs.)

ELM411 - Field Experience 4-6

The candidate receives background and experience in working with children in grades 4 through 6 through on-site field experience in a public school classroom. Each candidate will work with a school-based mentor teacher while also concurrently participating in campus-based seminar sessions. These combined experiences will provide candidates with multiple opportunities to further explore instructional strategies as they develop and teach formal lessons and conduct an individual case study of a young adolescent’s instructional needs. Prerequisites: Minimum grade point average of 2.5; ELM 200 and 220; current clearances (Acts 34, 151, 114, 24) (3 crs.)

ELM412 - Field Experience in Grades 7-8

The candidate receives background and experience in working with children in grades 7 through 8 in the classroom setting. University classroom and school-based classroom teaching experiences are combined to give the candidate an opportunity to expand upon their knowledge base and apply methods that they have learned in university methods courses. Prerequisite: Minimum 2.5 GPA ELM 200 and 220, Current clearances (Acts 34, 151, 114, 24) (3 crs.)

ELM461 - Student Teaching4-8

This course is the capstone experience in CALU’s teacher education program. Teacher candidates engage in a fifteen-week placement in a 4-8 classroom with increasing levels of responsibility for planning, classroom environment, instructional delivery including diverse learners, and assessment while maintaining high levels of professional conduct. Teacher candidates complete an action research project where they will determine a target group of students, consult the literature, analyze student-learning data, create instructional plans, and reflect on impact on student learning. In addition, teacher candidates participate in practicum sessions that focus on research-based strategies. Prerequisites: Admission to Teacher Education, passing score on Praxis II Exams, Clearances, GPA Score of 3.0 or above (12 crs.)