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SPN101 - Elementary Spanish I

This course is designed for the student without previous knowledge of Spanish who wishes to achieve a command of language fundamentals. Acquisition of speech skills in the classroom is reinforced in the language laboratory. Progressively greater emphasis is placed on reading and writing. Three class-hours and one language lab-hour per week. (3 crs.)

SPN102 - Elementary Spanish II

This is a continuation of Spanish 101. Three class-hours and one language lab-hour per week. Prerequisite: SPN 101 or three to four years of high school Spanish. (3 crs.)

SPN203 - Intermediate Spanish I

This course reviews the essentials of Spanish grammar through intensive oral and written practice to facilitate the use of Spanish grammar and to develop the use of words and expressions accepted throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Three class-hours and one language lab-hour per week. Prerequisites: SPN 101 and SPN 102 or their equivalents. (3 crs.)

SPN204 - Intermediate Spanish II

Students develop control of the principal structural patterns of the language through dialogue, and reading as well as through oral and written exercises based on selected readings. Three class-hours and virtual language lab assignments for practice outside the classroom. Prerequisites: SPN 203. (3 crs.)

SPN304 - Spanish for Law Enforcement

This course focuses on the applied aspects of the Spanish language in a law enforcement context. Significant emphasis will be on the practical exercises such as arrest situations, assisting victims of crimes, conducting searches, undertaking criminal interviews and interrogations, and reading Miranda rights. Students will also learn about the Hispanic community in terms of crimes, prison population, and how to work with citizens and community leaders toward mutual goals and objectives. While some background is provided in terms of the criminal justice system, such information is intended to assist in the language capabilities of justice personnel as opposed to undertaking substantive studies in that regard. Prerequisities: SPN 101 and SPN 102. (3 crs.)

SPN305 - Spanish for Business

This course focuses on the applied aspects of the Spanish language in a business and international trade context. Significant emphasis will be on practical communicative activities that involve business scenarios, learning about business integrity and values that are recognized in the Hispanic community, analysis and discussions of Spanish commercial readings, analysis and discussions of business-cultural reading that impact the Hispanic market. While some background is provided in terms of the business and international trade such information is intended to assist in the language capabilities of business personnel as opposed to undertaking substantive studies in this regard.

SPN311 - Spanish Conversation, Composition and Phonetics I

In this course, students will acquire a genuine command of the language and the ability to communicate by listening, speaking, reading and writing. There is intense practice in conversation, composition and phonetics based on modern prose, as well as on natural spontaneous speech models, including colloquialisms. Class is taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPN 204 or its equivalent. (3 crs.) Fall.

SPN312 - Spanish Conversation, Composition and Phonetics II

This course is a continuation of Spanish 311 on a higher level of proficiency accepted by educated speakers of the Spanish world. Class is taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPN 311. (3 crs.) Spring.

SPN342 - Golden Age and Baroque

Spain’s Golden Epoch, its beauty and cultural significance, is the topic of SPN 342, which surveys the artistic and other intellectual developments that gave fame to this great century. The origins of the modern novel, and the vocal and instrumental works by Golden Age composers, as well as the beautiful pastoral and mystic poetry of this most productive period are themes of discussion. Spanish painters, whose works embody the new forms and ideas of the Renaissance, are presented. This course also surveys the unfolding of secular theater and the new concept of drama; and how several outstanding authors of the time, influenced Western culture. Examples of the Baroque style, evident in many of these works, will exemplify features of this form. (3 crs.)

SPN345 - 20th Century Spain: 1900-1939

This course examines the sudden flowering of culture in Spain at the turn of the 20th century. It reviews the accomplishments of a new talented group of artists who were university trained. This unique group of poets, musicians, cinematographers, dramatists and architects contributed in such a way that their impact and deep influence on the arts gained them international fame. Their works, created in the context of romanticism, symbolism and surrealism, were instrumental in adding new dimensions to the already existing schools. This course also focuses on the fact that many of the works synthesized elements in the past often thought to be incompatible: vanguardism and popularism. (3 crs.)

SPN346 - 20th Century Spain: 1939 to the Present

This course is dedicated to the study of the exciting revitalization of today’s Spanish society following the repression of the postwar years. It will trace the various faces of that revolution of Spanish culture when the Spaniards decided to forget the war and the desperate state of Spain and focus on new forms of artistic expression. The course will also examine the relationships among different forms of art during that period (e.g. the surrealist style in Spanish cinema, as well as in painting and in music). It will present the two major tendencies among the intellectuals of the time: those who had an inclination toward social protest and those who manifested and attitude of avoidance of the Spanish reality and produced works of universal significance. (3 crs.)

SPN348 - Romanticism in Latin America

This course examines the new art and cultural trends of post independence Latin America. It looks at the role of painting, music and literature in the process of construction of a national identity: the “Americanista” ideology. It will study the origins and tendencies of the romantic movement, which breaks all classical rules and gives free rein to excited feelings. The course will follow the artistic-cultural work and activities of the prominent figures whose talent and efforts contributed to the creation of the new Spanish-American nations. (3 crs.)

SPN349 - Mexico and the Chicano Movement in the 20Th Century

This course surveys a general, critical introduction to the political, social, and cultural changes in the Mexican society from the Pre-Columbian times to the present through art and literature. The course explores the concern that Mexican intellectuals have with social and political issues, and the impact that socio-political events have had on Mexico’s contemporary cultural achievements. The course will also present the opportunity to examine the social awareness of today’s Mexicans and the effect that this consciousness will have on the country’s relationship with the United States through Chicano art and literature.

SPN350 - Contemporary Argentina

This course will attempt to give the student a multiphasic view of the culture of Argentina, the Latin American country with the most widespread artistic activity. It will begin with the nationalistic trend in the arts, which evolved from the so-called “gauchesco” tradition. It will then examine the vanguardist current in the literature, music, and the visual arts. The goal of SPN 350 is also to give the student a greater awareness of the ever-increasing attention the world is giving to Hispanic America, the recent boom in Spanish intellectual productivity, and an appreciation of the future impact this will have on the world. (3 crs.)

SPN401 - Advanced Composition: Grammar and Stylistics

This course is intended to provide an in-depth grammatical analysis of the Spanish language, emphasizing shades of differences in the meaning of words and expressions as used in oral and written expression. Class and readings are in Spanish. Prerequisites: SPN 312 (3 crs.) Alternate fall.

SPN421 - Survey of Spanish Literature I

This course is an introduction to the masterpieces of Spanish literature, ranging from Poema de Mio Cid to current authors. Represented will be all of the important Spanish literary genres: narrative poetry (epic and ballad), lyric verse, short story, and selections from novels and dramas. Class and readings are in Spanish. Prerequisites: SPN 401 (3 crs.) Alternate fall.

SPN422 - Survey of Spanish-American Literature II

A study of representative selections from the Colonial period to the present, this course emphasizes the salient characteristics and the distinctive contributions of each literary form in the period or movement under study. Class and readings are in Spanish. Prerequisites: SPN 421 (3 crs.) Alternate years.

SPN450 - Foreign Language Colloquium in Spanish

This course is intended to promote interaction, to stimulate critical thinking, and to provide argumentative situations that will develop the student’s capacity and ability in oral and written expression. Class and readings are in Spanish. Prerequisites SPN 422 (3 crs.) Alternate years.

SPN469 - Studies in Spanish Literature

Subject matter to be arranged. This course is designed for Spanish majors who wish to take additional credits and/or study abroad. Prerequisite: 18 hours of Spanish (Variable crs.) As needed.