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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.

Exercise Science and Health Promotion

Master of Science: Exercise Science and Health Promotion 36-credit Concentrations:
  • Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention (program code: 0954)
  • Rehabilitation Science (program code: 0956)
  • Sport Psychology  (program code: 0958)
  • Wellness and Fitness (program code: 0952)
  • Wellness Coaching (program code: 0959)

Master of Science - Dual Concentrations: Exercise Science and Health Promotion:

  • Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Sciences (program code: 0808)
  • Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention and Sport Psychology (program code: 0809)
  • Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention and Wellness Coaching (program code: 0810)
  • Rehabilitation Sciences and Sport Psychology (program code: 0802)
  • Rehabilitation Sciences and Wellness Coaching (program code: 0803)
  • Sport Psychology and Wellness Coaching (program code: 0804)
  • Wellness & Fitness and Rehabilitation Sciences (program code: 0805)
  • Wellness & Fitness and Sport Psychology (program code: 0806)
  • Wellness & Fitness and Wellness Coaching (program code: 0807)

Post-Bachelor’s 12-credit Certificate options:

  • Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention (program code: 0995)
  • Rehabilitation Science (program code: 0997)
  • Sport Psychology (program code: 0999)
  • Wellness and Fitness (program code: 0993)
  • Wellness Coaching (program code: 0982)

Program Description

The Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion is designed for working professionals and recent bachelor’s degree graduates in the health and fitness industry, including certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, health and physical education teachers, coaches, chiropractors, personal trainers, business owners, wellness counselors, military personnel, and other health/fitness professionals as well as individuals looking to change careers and enter the broad field of fitness and wellness. The University has worked closely with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to develop outstanding course content. NASM was founded in 1987 by physicians, physical therapists and fitness professionals. Since its inception, the organization has expanded throughout the United States, Asia and Europe and has always focused on the development, refinement and implementation of superior educational programs for fitness, performance and sports medicine professionals.

Note: For the master's degree, one of the concentrations listed above must be selected. Five 12-credit certificates are also available for applicants who possess a bachelor's degree.

Each option involves specific coursework preparing the student for one of three NASM certification examinations or the Wellness Coaches USA certification:

1. Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) (wellness and fitness concentration)
2. Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) (performance enhancement concentration)
3. Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) (rehabilitation science concentration)
4. Certified Wellness Coach (wellness coaching concentration)

Program length is 12 consecutive months with a summer or winter start. Thirty-five students per class work, learn, communicate online and function as a group of interactive peers. This virtual community, or cohort, creates a lively, dynamic educational experience that enriches the collaborative skills essential in the contemporary health care and fitness workplace.

Delivery Mode

Global Online (100 percent online delivery)

Admission Criteria

Admission Requirements (Regular)

  • Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 2.50 or higher (Students with a GPA below 2.50 may apply for conditional admission)
  • Official transcripts from an accredited undergraduate institution
  • For International Applicants

Conditional Admission Requirements

Conditional Admission may be granted with the following modifications of the Regular Admissions Requirements. Those admitted conditionally based on any missing document/s have up to a maximum of one term to satisfy the requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree with a GPA under 2.50 will be reviewed for a decision
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Resume may be requested
  • Two professional references may be requested
  • Two professional letters of recommendation may be requested
  • An interview by the program coordinator may be requested to determine potential for success in the program.


Core CourseCredits
PRF 700 Orientation in Exercise Science and Health Promotion 
PRF 701 Advanced Topics in SAQ and Endurance Training
PRF 720 Essentials of Human Movement Science 
PRF 705 Industrial, Clinical and Corporate Wellness 
PRF 715 Business and Entrepreneurship in the Fitness Industry 
PRF 760 Leadership and Professional Development

PRF 765 Nutrition for Peak Performance 
PRF 770 Exercise Physiology: Assessment and Exercise Prescription 

Note: One of the following concentrations must be selected. All concentrations are also available as certificates for applicants who possess a bachelor's degree.

Wellness and Fitness Concentration

Course NameCredits
PRF 800 Research in Fitness and Wellness3
PRF 711 An Integrated Approach to Fitness and Wellness3
PRF 751 Program Design in Fitness and Wellness3
PRF 781 Current Topics in Fitness and Wellness3

Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention Concentration

Course NameCredits
PRF 810 Research in Performance Enhancement3
PRF 710 Performance Enhancement in Physical Activity3
PRF 750 Performance Enhancement Program Design3
PRF 780 Current Topics in Performance Enhancement3

Rehabilitation Science Concentration

Course NameCredits
PRF 820 Research in Rehabilitation3
PRF 712 Corrective Exercise in Rehabilitation3
PRF 752 Corrective Exercise Program Design3
PRF 782 Current Topics in Rehabilitation3

Sport Psychology Concentration

Course NameCredits
PRF 713 Special Topics in Sport Psychology3
PRF 753 Psychological Aspects of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation3
PRF 783 Psychological Perspectives in Sport Performance Enhancement and Intervention3
PRF 830 Research in Sport Psychology3

Wellness Coaching Concentration

PRF 714 Health and Wellness Coaching Competencies3
PRF 754 Health and Wellness Coaching – Facilitating Change3
PRF 784 Current Topics in Wellness Coaching3
PRF 840 Research in Health and Wellness Coaching3


Students in the exercise science and health promotion program receive academic and professional advisement from the program coordinator and program faculty. Each student is assigned to an academic adviser from the time he/she is accepted into the program of study. Advisers work with students to discuss, monitor and provide advisement as it relates to their program of study.

How to Apply

  • Complete the Graduate School Application online
  • Submit the non-refundable $25 Application Fee
  • Mail official transcript to:
    • School of Graduate Studies and Research
      California University of Pennsylvania
      Box 91, 250 University Ave.
      California, PA 15419
  • Submit unofficial transcripts and other documents by mail (using the address above, email (, or fax (724-938-5712)

Application Questions

Phone: 724-938-4187

For Additional Information

  • Wellness and Fitness:
  • Sport Performance Enhancement:
  • Rehabilitation Science:
  • Sport Psychology:
  • Wellness Coaching:

Phone: 866-595-6348

Program Coordinator

Barry E. McGlumphy, Ed.D. (University of Pittsburgh), M.S. (University of Arizona), B.S. (Lock Haven University), Professor, Full-Time Faculty
Specializations: online education, sports medicine, athletic training
           Web Page:
           Phone: 724-938-4356

Program Faculty

Carol M. Biddington, Ed.D., M.S., B.S. (West Virginia University), Associate Professor; Specializations: curriculum and instruction, health, physical education and safety, elementary education, gerontology; Research Interests: health promotion, diversity awareness, fitness

William B. Biddington, Ed.D., M.S., B.S.P.E. (West Virginia University), Professor, Faculty Athletics Representative; Specializations: athletic training, health and wellness, sport management, curriculum development

Marc S. Federico, D.P.T., M.P.T. (Slippery Rock University), B.S. (University of Pittsburgh), Associate Professor; Specializations: corrective exercise, postural awareness/correction, muscular imbalance; Research Interests: spine, hip, shoulder rehabilitation/function/stabilization

Jeffrey R. Hatton, O.T.D. (Chatham University), M.S. (California University), B.S.O.T. (College Misericordia), B.S.Ed. (Lock Haven University), Assistant Professor; Specializations: business of fitness, fitness for special populations; Research Interests: meaningful activity to increase health-related quality of life

Linda P. Meyer, Ed.D. (Duquesne University), M.S. (West Virginia University), B.S. (Lock Haven State College), LAT (Licensed Athletic Trainer in Pennsylvania), ATC, Professor; Specializations: leadership, professional development, athletic training, exercise science; Research Interests: leadership, athletic training related subject matter, exercise science related subject matter

Laura L. Miller, Ph.D., M.S. (University of Southern Mississippi), B.S. (Pennsylvania State University – Behrend College), Associate Professor; Specializations: sport marketing, sport psychology, sport sales; Research Interests: consumer behavior in sport, marketing and sales techniques, disability in sport

Ben Reuter, Ph.D. (Auburn University), M.S.Ed. (Old Dominion University), B.A. (Gettysburg College), Associate Professor; Expertise and Research Interests: exercise science – training age group/masters athletes, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, endurance training

Joni Lee Cramer Roh, Ed.D., B.S. (West Virginia University), M.A.T. (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Professor; Specializations: athletic training/sports medicine, sport psychology, psychophysiology of injury and rehabilitation; Research Interests: psychophysiology of injury and rehabilitation, psychology of injury, psychology of rehabilitation, sport psychology performance enhancement and interventions; Memberships: NATA, PATS, MAATA, APA, AASP, KON; Professional Services: Second Vice Chair of the KON Executive Committee, KON Adviser at Cal U (Nu Omicron chapter); Ad hoc CAATE PPE Annual Review Team

Christine Romani-Ruby, PT, MPT, ATC, PMA CPT; M.P.T. (Slippery Rock University), B.S. Exercise Science (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), B.S. Natural Science (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Certificate in Athletic Training (West Chester University), Doctoral Candidate (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), Associate Professor; Licenses: Athletic Training, Physical Therapy and Direct Access Physical Therapy; Certifications: Certified Pilates Teacher by Pilates Method Alliance; Interests: wellness, injury prevention, posture, Pilates, body weight training, business

Ronald W. Wagner, Ph.D. (University of Arkansas), M.S. (Eastern Kentucky University), M.S. (Bloomsburg University), B.S. (Southeast Missouri State University), Associate Professor; Specializations: kinesiology, athletic training, instructional design, educational technology; Research Interests: sports performance training, cultural competence in athletic health care, functional movement screening

Ellen J. West, Ed.D., M.S. (West Virginia University), B.S. (California University of Pennsylvania), Associate Professor; Specializations: education leadership, chemical dependency counselor education, health education, athletic training, elementary education; Research Interests: acute care of injury and illness, wellness and fitness, worksite health programming, student-centered learning (constructivist approach), learning styles, psychology of sport, community-based approaches to promoting physical activity

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