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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.

GRA-Graduate Studies Research

GRA800 - Graduate Internship

Student interns are placed with an organization, which most nearly approximates employment goals. The intent of the internship is to provide students with practical work experience in an environment in which they will be addressing real problems requiring real solutions in a relatively short time frame. Advisor and Department Chairperson approval is required before course enrollment. (Variable 1-12 crs.)

GRA810 - Special Topics in Graduate Studies

This course provides students the opportunity to explore and research graduate-level topics of interest that are not available as regular course offerings of the University. (Variable 3-12 crs.)

GRA820 - Graduate Studies Abroad

This course is intended to provide students with a number of opportunities to study or work in academic or professional settings abroad. Examples include field-based studies with other students and a supervising professor; studying relevant aspects of the discipline in foreign institutions of higher education; or pursuing an approved cultural and educational program abroad. Accordingly, students will be able to apply their respective discipline-based skills in real-world environments and at the same time broaden their intellectual and personal understandings of cultures operating outside of the United States.