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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.

MMT-Multimedia Technology

MMT701 - Multimedia Technology

This course will introduce the student to the components and terminology of multimedia technology as a basis for subsequent courses. Through a series of research and computer-based activities, the student will experience the role of graphical user interfaces and various computer peripherals used to support multimedia on industry standard platforms. CD-ROMs, sound and video digitizing and playback, digital cameras, scanners, LCD and projection panels, graphic file formats, animation and digital video, computer networks and the Internet, hypertext markup language, and distance learning are investigated. (3 crs.)

MMT702 - Multimedia Systems

This course focuses on the application of graphic design theories and the integration of multimedia components including, conventional photography/scanned images, digital photography, stock art/images, animation, audio and videography for the purpose of achieving effective presentation. The organization of visual elements such as type, color, texture, contrast, perspective, balance, and unity will play an important part in the development of both interactive and non-interactive presentation. Emphasis will be placed on the process of blending the components using various hardware platforms and software tools, incorporating basic image manipulation. As a course project, the student will create and master a CD-ROM-based multimedia presentation as the basis of a personal digital portfolio. (3 crs.)

MMT703 - Digital Editing

Effective multimedia presentation s rely on well-developed underlying components. This course presents techniques of achieving strong components in each of the major areas: audio, imaging and video. Generation/acquisition, enhancement, storage and retrieval of these components in the digital realm are major topics. Associated concepts including types and applications of file formats, lossy vs. lossless compression, and image manipulation techniques normally considered darkroom procedures are also presented. Through a series of laboratory and collaborative site activities, the student will gain experience using hardware and software tools to achieve effective digital editing of audio/video clips and images. (3 crs.)

MMT704 - Web Publishing

This course delves into t he intricacies of publishing on the Web and what makes a proficient webmaster by examining areas such as client-server computing, network operation, intranets and the Internet, advanced HTML, and server-based support. End-user interaction using Web page elements such as animations, sounds and video is emphasized. “Power” tools such as Java/JavaScript, Active-X, Afterburner, etc. are highlighted. A collaborative site will be used as a real-world examination of its mode of operation, performance and maintenance of that published web site. (3 crs.)

MMT705 - Interactive Design

Besides having relevant and organized content, an effective presentation must engage its target audience. Such presentations include storybooks, simulations, tutorials, demos, and kiosks. Techniques employing multimedia-driven scripting and object-oriented tools to achieve user interaction are centric to this course. This course and corresponding laboratory activities will assist the student in applying multimedia tools to their field of study. (3 crs.)

MMT720 - Emerging Technology and Applications

The technology and applications associated with multimedia are rapidly changing. This course will provide the student with skills and knowledge on emerging multimedia topics not currently incorporated into the curriculum. Co/pre-requisites vary depending upon the topic. (3 crs.)

MMT760 - Multimedia Production

This course will involve the student in a collaborative multimedia project that is designed, developed, and evaluated by a team of students. All of the multimedia concepts and elements presented in previous courses will be analyzed by the team to produce a well-designed, large-scale, multimedia-based production designed, developed, and evaluated by a student team and in collaboration with professionals. (3 crs.)