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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.


RES800 - Methods in Research

This course explores the design and analysis of experimental and quasi-experimental research. It explores both quantitative and qualitative techniques. In addition to students being able to design and undertake basic research, an outcome of this course is to develop effective consumers of the research literature. (3 crs.)

RES810 - Qualitative Research in Social Science

This course will introduce participants to the characteristics and various approaches to designing and conducting qualitative research projects within various social science disciplines. Students will gain hands-on experience in various qualitative methods and analysis techniques while carrying out a research project related to their areas of interest. (3 crs.)

RES819 - Research Paper

A written report on a specific topic of investigation, based on knowledge of the subject, acquaintance with the published literature on the subject and accurate presentation of findings.

RES829 - Research Project

An advanced study or presentation on a topic related to the student's academic discipline. The research project is more in depth than a research paper but less thorough than a master's thesis. Approval of only the graduate student's adviser is needed. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association or other generally accepted style for a particular academic discipline will be used. (2 crs.)

RES849 - Master's Thesis

Intensive production of a graduate-level thesis under the supervision of a director and committee and in accordance with departmental and University policy constitutes the Thesis course. Far more substantive than a research paper, the thesis may either be quantitative or qualitative in design, but in any case need address a pertinent issue of originality in the field of law and public policy. Thesis will be authored under standards promulgated by the Modern Language Association (MLA) or under the rules and guidelines published by the Uniform System of Citation of Harvard Law School. Student need to consult with the program director for guidance and instruction on other requirements. Prerequisite: RES 800. (Variable crs.)