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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.


TOU709 - Statistical Applications for Tourism Analysis

TOU 709 Statistical Applications for Tourism Analysis (3 credits). This course will inform students how to use quantitative methods for the assessment of tourism performance and trends. Students will learn statistical methods, procedure, analysis, and interpretation in a tourism context.

TOU737 - Tourism Planning

TOU 737 Tourism Planning (3 credits).Students will become familiar with the process of tourism planning as a mechanism to sustainable tourism development. This course will explore the advanced principles, steps, tools and case studies of tourism planning. Tourism policy, law, and administration will also be reviewed.

TOU777 - Tourism Field Experience

TOU 777 Tourism Field Experience (6-9 credits). Because a student enrolled in the Master of Arts in Tourism, Planning, and Development must engage in a field experience in the period between the successful completion of the first semester until the twenty-fourth month of the program, this course is a required component. For this course, an enrollee acquires practical experiences and applies those experiences according to the student's interest and expertise. The field experience serves as a transition from course work to the Thesis/Master’s

TOU899 - Thesis/Masters Degree Project Option

TOU 899 Thesis/Master’s Degree Project Option (3-6 credits). Upon completion of the required course work students will complete the Thesis/Master’s Degree Project Option phase. The Thesis/Master’s Degree Project Option will be a piece of original research that contributes to knowledge within the tourism field. Project based work will be evaluated by the MA Tourism Development Program Advisor. A master’s degree project will be valued at three credits and the thesis six.