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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.


ARB101 - Elementary Arabic I

This is the beginner level in Arabic. This course covers and emphasizes the development of the basic skills of the Arabic language and includes instruction in basic pronunciation, comprehension, communication, and grammar. Students will also become acquainted with the culture of the Arab world and establish a solid foundation for more advanced courses in Arabic. Prerequisite: None (3 crs.)

ARB102 - Elementary Arabic II

Elementary Arabic II is the continuation of Elementary Arabic I. This course continues to introduce students to the people and culture of the Arabic-speaking world. Students will become familiar with Arabic grammar and language structure. They will have maximum opportunity to use the different language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Students will develop greater competency in understanding MSA in both its written and spoken forms and in producing the language in writing and speech. This course will have a greater emphasis on active vocabulary learning, proper grammatical application and on developing the ability to use the language in real-world everyday situations. Prerequisite: ARB 101 or equivalent (3 crs.)

ARB203 - Intermediate Arabic I

Intermediate Arabic I is the continuation of Elementary Arabic II. Prior to this course, students must have basic background knowledge in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) vocabulary and syntax at the elementary level; they should have basic ability to communicate, using simple sentences and have the ability to comprehend simple written and spoken instructions and conversations in basic MSA. In this course, students will acquire additional vocabulary and a greater understanding of more complex grammatical structures. There will be an increased use of Arabic language at this level in instructions and communication. This course will provide the students with a strong foundation at the intermediate level in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. There will be a continued emphasis on the acquisition of more complex grammatical structures, expanding vocabulary and discourse skills, and developing competence in a wide range of communicative situations using all language skills. Prerequisite: ARB 102 or equivalent (3 crs.)

ARB204 - Intermediate Arabic II

Intermediate Arabic II is the continuation of Intermediate Arabic I. This course provides additional practice to help students attain a higher level of skill development (e.g., listening, speaking, reading and writing) and linguistic accuracy. This course adopts a skills-based approach in which students gain mastery of the language through the use of authentic materials taken from various sources (books, periodicals, videos and radio documentaries). The selection of the materials is based on the complexity of the tasks and the students’ professional and personal interests. Teaching vocabulary and grammar is integrated to the skills-based activities, and is incorporated in the class activities as an aid to overcome any communication problems. Teaching techniques are student-centered, with the instructor as the facilitator. Instructions will be conducted mostly in Arabic. Prerequisite: ARB 203 or equivalent (3 crs.)

ARB350 - Advanced Arabic I

In this course, students will acquire a genuine command of the Arabic language with proficiency and the ability to communicate by listening, speaking, reading and writing. There is intense practice in conversation, composition and phonetics based on modern prose, as well as on natural spontaneous speech models. This course will be conducted in Arabic. Prerequisite: ARB 204 or equivalent (3 crs.)

ARB351 - Advanced Arabic II

This course is a continuation of Advanced Arabic I; it is intended to further develop students' proficiencies in speaking, writing, listening and reading so that they can be at a level necessary to communicate with flexibility, knowledge and ease in the language. Emphasis will mainly be placed on composition and oral discussion as well as concepts necessary for a sophisticated appraisal of literature and culture in Arabic. This course will be conducted in Arabic. Prerequisite: ARB 350 or equivalent (3 crs.)

ARB480 - Selected Topics in Arabic

This course provides students the opportunity to explore and research Arabic language and culture-related topics of interest that are not available as regular course offerings of the University. Prerequisites: ARB 351 or Permission of Instructor (Variable 3 – 12 crs.)