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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.


BUS100 - Introduction to Business

This course provides background and insight into business organizations. It covers a variety of basic business concepts. The course focuses on major issues that affect today's organizations, such as domestic and global environments, corporate social responsibilities and ethics, managing businesses, people in organizations, marketing principles, accounting and financial issues, and information technology. Students will learn the many areas involved in operating a business in today's society and explore how businesses influence and interact with the social, political, legal, economic, technical, cultural and global external environments. (3 crs.)

BUS242 - Business Law I

A study of commercial law as it relates to contracts, agency, and criminal and constitutional law pertaining to business. (3 crs.)

BUS281 - Management Science I

This is a course designed to teach mathematical methods of solving business problems. This will be especially useful to anyone who has opted not to take calculus. Prerequisite: MAT 181. (3 crs.)

BUS342 - Business, society and Government

A survey of the historical and contemporary relationship between government and business in the United States. Special emphasis is given to the developments of the past two decades. Prerequisite: MGT 300 or permission of instructor. (3 crs.)

BUS343 - Corporate Social Responsibility

Incorporating the concept of social responsibility or corporate social responsiveness in the corporate business strategy; how to assess organizational performance on social issues and design information systems to monitor policies in a large complex organization; the identification of the stages of this process and the characteristic problems and tasks associated with each stage; the evolution and/or design of structures and procedures for handling social issues consistently with business strategies. Prerequisite: MGT 300 or permission of instructor. (3 crs.)

BUS345 - Business Ethics

The course provides a framework to identify, analyze and understand how business people make ethical decisions and deal with ethical issues. Using a case method approach, students will analyze real life business situations and gain insight into the realities and complexity of making decisions in a business environment. (3 crs)

BUS346 - Business Law II

A continuation of Business Law I. Basic legal concepts of sales, commercial paper, secured transitions and related topics. Prerequisite: BUS 242. (3 crs.)

BUS379 - Special Problems in Business

Directed study dealing with contemporary issues in business. (Variable crs.)

BUS381 - Management Science II

This course introduces students to the use of various quantitative tools to inform complex decision-making situations. Emphasis is placed on the application of the tools. Whenever possible, concrete examples, real-world applications and case studies are used to practice concepts. Topics may include the application of linear and dynamic programming, inventory control models, regression, forecasting, and simulation models to problems in economics, finance, management and marketing such as demand and sales forecasting, new product development, financial planning, production planning, staff scheduling, advertising strategy, resource allocation, risk analysis, and process design. Spreadsheets are used extensively. Prerequisites: MAT 225 and BUS 281 (3 crs.)

BUS492 - Business Internship

The student is placed with a business firm, bank, government agency or nonprofit organization for on-the-job and/or counseling experience. It offers a practical training ground for students that supplements academic training by permitting them to address actual problems in a real business environment. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of instructor. (Repeatable; Variable crs.; a maximum of 12 credits may be used toward a baccalaureate degree.)