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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.

EDU-College of Education

EDU110 - Critical Thinking and Reading

Focuses on development of an understanding and ability to apply critical thinking and reading skills as effective tools for academic, career and personal growth. Students explore issues from multiple perspectives, generate and organize ideas, apply knowledge to situations, critically evaluate the logic and validity of information, analyze real life situations, recognize how attitudes and values shape opinions, and evaluate their own learning. (3 crs.)

EDU150 - Intro to Electronic Portfolio

This course is designed to introduce the computer software and hardware necessary to develop an electronic portfolio. Students will learn how to use a variety of software (LiveText, word processing, spreadsheet, PDF, the Internet, etc.) and hardware (computer, scanners, camera, etc.) to organize an electronic portfolio, which will be based on national and state teaching standards. The candidate’s electronic collection and presentation of portfolio artifacts throughout the course are organized comprehensively to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Prerequisite: Accumulation of 15 credits (3 crs.)

EDU310 - Teaching in a Multicultural Society

Teaching in a Multicultural Society is a course designed to develop intergroup-interpersonal awareness to promote a better understanding of the different sexes, religious beliefs, national origins, and socioeconomic backgrounds found in our multicultural society. The emphasis is on developing the awareness, knowledge skills, and competencies needed for positive human relationships. (3cr.)

EDU333 - Technology in Teaching and Learning

This course is designed to provide the learner with fundamental knowledge, skills and concepts for applying technology in the Pre-K-12 educational setting. The course focuses on current technologies (such as computers, mobile devices, and online tools) and how to effectively incorporate them into the instructional setting. The class emphasizes building knowledge, increasing technological skills, understanding best practices and application of learning in an educational setting. (3 crs.)

EDU335 - Teaching in an Online Environ

This course is designed to provide teacher education majors and others who may teach or train with online instruction the necessary skills, knowledge, and literature background to be able to construct online instruction using a Course Management System (CMS). While this is a teacher education course, it is also a technology in teaching course which can be useful to any person attempting to instruct/train online. The course requires an understanding of basic learning approaches, basic computer technology skills, and experience as a learner using a CMS. Pre-requisite: Must have earned 45 credits (3 crs.)

EDU350 - Supporting English Language Learners

This course examines research-based English Language Learner (ELL) teaching and learning methods in K-12 mainstream classrooms. The major theories of second language acquisition will be reviewed, and their implications for the second language classroom will be discussed. The primary goals of this course are (a) to familiarize teacher candidates with major theoretical issues and research-based methods in second language learning in formal and informal situations; (b) to provide teacher candidates with opportunities to develop communication strategies that will support their students learning; (c) to assist teacher candidates in becoming skillful at making appropriate teaching decisions that will nurture language learning among culturally and linguistically diverse students, in order to promote and increase academic achievement in the classrooms. Prerequisites: EDE 200 or ELE 200 or ELM 200 or ESP 301 or SEC 150 or SEC 210 or TED 100 or ECE 200 or CMD 321. (3 crs.) Fall and spring.

EDU501 - Field Experience in an Urban Center

Provides a specialized field experience for students desiring to learn about inner-city schools and urban education. Emphasis includes the learning development of children and adolescents, effective instructional and management strategies, characteristics of community and family involvement, and community volunteer work. Schools selected will be in urban environments. Field assignments will be based on student major and areas of interest. Prerequisite: Minimum GPA 2.50. (3 crs)

EDU650 - Supporting English Language Learners

The purpose of this course is to help prospective teachers in all initial certification areas develop an understanding of how to modify mainstream course materials and instructional strategies so that English language learning students can engage in course content while simultaneously developing their new language. (3 crs.)