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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.

History and Political Science


Slaven (chair), Blumberg, Confer, Crawford, Edmonds, Heim, Madden, McClintock, Smith, Tuennerman


History and political science are closely related disciplines that use the past to understand the present and the future. Our program mission is to encourage literate critical thinking by students, who work with faculty engaged in diverse, broadly based scholarships. History and Political Science faculty strive to mentor and develop students as they build character and careers. We are also proud to house international studies and women's studies, both programs which encourage diversity and a stronger understanding of social issues.


The department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in both history and political science, as well as minors in history, political science and pre-law. The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science also offers a concentration in pre-law. The history major is general in nature, providing students with the opportunity to select areas of topical interest. Political science is a highly prescribed discipline. It limits its interests to the political aspects of human behavior, both national and international, including the study of power and organizations. International studies, which is housed in our department, offers a degree with concentrations in several fields, while women's studies offers a minor.

Honor Society

Students who meet the academic requirements are eligible for membership in Phi Alpha Theta, National Honor Society in History, or Pi Sigma Alpha, the Political Science Society.


Teacher, archivist and museum curator are professions directly related to the history major. Careers in law, religion, foreign service, both corporate and government, and diplomacy have a great reliance on historical knowledge. In addition, history majors are employed in the marketing field, the communications industry and the insurance industry.

Students may choose to concentrate in a major field of study in political science: pre-law, campaign management or public policy. A degree in any of these concentrations prepares the student for a variety of careers in the public and private sectors. Students may be employed in national, state and local government agencies; international government and public agencies; fields such as criminal justice, environmental protection, consumer affairs or urban planning; political consulting and research firms; nonprofit organizations and citizen action groups; and public policy analysis.