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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.

Careers in Athletic Training

The high incidence of injuries occurring through athletic participation and physical activity has become a national concern and has created a demand for individuals who have completed a CAATE-accredited athletic training education program. Job opportunities for certified athletic trainers have increased substantially, and the employment potential for athletic trainers continues to increase. The ultimate goal of this program is to prepare graduates for certification by the BOC and for careers in athletic training. Many high schools utilize athletic trainers to provide better health care for their interscholastic athletic programs. In addition, four-year colleges and universities, as well as junior and community colleges, provide significant possibilities for employment. Positions with professional teams exist; however, they are fewer in number than those associated with interscholastic athletic programs. There is an increasing number of opportunities in physical therapy clinics and industrial settings with corporations such as Disneyland, Xerox and Coca-Cola. California’s ATEP graduates work as athletic trainers in a wide variety of settings nationwide, including professional sports, colleges and universities, high schools, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and industrial and corporate settings.