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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.


MGT300 - Principles of Management

This course provides background and insight into the human factors involved in the day-to-day and long-term operations of an organization. It is built on the four management functions necessary for success in any type (profit or nonprofit) organization. The course focuses on major issues that affect today's managers, such as global environment, corporate social responsibilities and ethics, organizational culture, employee empowerment, and employee diversity. Although the course concentrates on human interaction within organizations, it also explores an organization's influence on the social, political, legal, economic, technical, cultural and global external environments, and how those external environments, in turn, affect the operations of the organization. (3 cr.)

MGT301 - Organizational Behavior

A study of the theory, research and practice of individual and group behavior in organizations to better understand and manage people at work. The course focuses on describing, understanding and explaining individual and group behavior in organizations with emphasis given to managing or influencing that behavior to increase organizational effectiveness. (3 crs.)

MGT303 - Entrepreneurship I: Small-Business Fundamentals

A management course designed to address the steps of the entrepreneurial process. A study of the development of a new business venture by an individual entrepreneur rather than the management of ongoing enterprises. Describes the processes used to evaluate opportunities, identify possible choices and do all things necessary to establish an organization. (3 crs.)

MGT305 - Entrepreneurship II: Small-Business Management

A management course designed to describe how to integrate all business functions of an ongoing enterprise at the small-business level. The course focuses on financing the organization, product identification, required services and preparing a business plan on different aspects of the organization, such as retailing operations, service business or manufacturing operations. This plan should be appropriate to the objectives and resources of the individual entrepreneur. (3 crs.)

MGT311 - Organization Theory and Design

A comprehensive macro-view approach to the study of organizations and their functioning. Topics covered include environment and open systems, technology, size and life cycle, organizational control, culture and ethics, information processing, decision-making processes, power and politics, and organizational innovation and change. Emphasis is placed on how external and internal factors influence the structure and design of the organization. (3 crs.)

MGT352 - Human Resource Management

Decision making and analyses of major management problems that arise in manpower planning, recruitment, selection, development, compensation and appraisal of employees in various organizations. (3 crs.)

MGT353 - Compensation Management

An examination of the general structure of an organization and the rewards employees seek in exchange for the efforts and contributions they provide. Topics to be offered include people and word rewards, a motivating work environment, government and market influences, job contract analysis, developing pay structures, pay for performance, employee benefits, and administration of the compensation plan. (3 crs.)

MGT362 - Labor Relations

This course provides background and insight into the many areas and processes of labor relations. Students analyze and evaluate the role and effectiveness of labor organizations in today's society. Students compare and evaluate the impacts and effects of labor organizations on both (unionized and non-unionized) organizations and employees. Although focused on current United States labor relations practices, global labor relations are also discussed. The course offers students the opportunity to explore labor organizations' influence on social, political, legal, economic, technical, cultural and global environments. Prerequisite: MGT 300 or permission of instructor. (3 crs.)

MGT371 - Management Information Systems

This course provides background and insight into the information systems that business professionals and other organizations rely on. It concentrates on computer-based information systems that use various information technologies. This course illustrates how the field of information systems encompasses many complex technologies, abstract behavioral concepts and specialized applications in countless business areas, such as marketing, human resource management, finance, accounting and operations. (3 crs.)

MGT373 - Computer-Based Management Information Systems

This course provides background and insight into the technical foundations of database management for business professionals. It concentrates on information technology systems that support managerial decision making. This course illustrates how the field of information technology systems supports customer relationship management and supply chain management. It demonstrates how information systems are developed and applied in solving various business dilemmas. The course stresses the importance of properly managing information technology, locally and globally, to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage in the business world. (3 crs.)

MGT375 - Information Technology Ethics

The course provides background and insight into the ethical challenges posed by rapidly changing information technology. Students will examine and analyze the issues and controversies that comprise the field of cyberethics and cybertechnology. This course illustrates the broad coverage of cyberethics since it covers not only the professional, business aspects of information technology ethics, but also the individual, personal aspects of information technology ethics. (3 crs.)

MGT376 - Cyberlaw & E-Privacy Issues for Business

This course provides a thorough review for business managers of the legal issues relevant to digital retention of data, cybersecurity and privacy. Students will learn the appropriate managerial tactics to help comply with most major privacy and cyber-related regulations. Prerequisite: MGT 300 or permission of instructor. (3 crs.)

MGT377 - E-Business Management

The course provides background and insight into the issues and challenges for managers working in an e-business organization. Students will examine and analyze the various tactical and strategic issues encountered by e-business managers. This course covers not only managerial aspects of electronic businesses but also managerial aspects of other electronic organizations. (3 crs.)

MGT402 - Strategic Management

A capstone course for all business majors requiring students to integrate and apply multidisciplinary knowledge and skills in formulating, implementing and evaluating organizational strategies. Case analysis method predominates. Prerequisite: Senior standing. (3 crs.)

MGT431 - International Business Management

The concepts, problems and policies of international business enterprises for managers. Prerequisite: Junior-level standing. (3 crs.)

MGT452 - Human Resource Strategy and Planning

This course examines organizational human resources management from a strategic perspective. The key focus is on exploring HR planning and strategy concepts, developing an understanding of the related analytical tools, and determining how these concepts and tools can be used to enhance an organization's competitive position. (3 crs.)

MGT492 - Management Internship

On the completion of the course, the student should be able to see how the knowledge acquired in the management courses is applied in real-world situations. It provides students with an opportunity to translate academic principles to real-world situations and to test their career interests. It will also enable students to determine what additional skills are needed to be successful in the workplace. (Repeatable; variable crs.; a maximum of 12 credits can be used toward the completion of a baccalaureate degree.)