A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.

Minor in Physics – 21 Credits

The physics minor program is aimed at students who have chosen a different major, but are interested in physics and would olike more than just the minimum exposure to physics.  The advantage of the physics minor program is that it will let students chose specifically the branch of physics that most interests them and is beneficial to their career. 

Credits (21 minimum)

PHY 101 College Physics I (Prerequisite MAT 281)                      4 crs.

PHY 202 College Physics II (Prerequisite PHY 101, MAT 282)     4 crs.

PHY 203 College Physics III (Prerequisite PHY 202)                     4 crs.

MAT 381 Calculus III (Prerequisitute MAT 282)                            3 crs.

Remaining two courses must be 300 or above level PHY courses.

Suggested courses:

PHY 301 Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism                           4 crs.

  (Prerequisites PHY 203, MAT 381)

PHY 321 Intermediate Mechanics                                                4 crs.

  (Prerequisites PHY 202, Corequisite MAT 381)

PHY 331 Modern Physics                                                            3 crs.

  (Prerequisites PHY 203, MAT 381)

PHY 341 Mathematical Methods of Physics                                   3 crs.

  (Prerequisites PHY 203, MAT 381)

PHY 405 Quantum Mechanics                                                      3 crs.

  (Prerequisite PHY 331 and/or MAT 406)

PHY 455 Solid State Physics                                                        3 crs.

  (Prerequisites PHY 202 and MAT 282)

*Six of these credits must be taken at California University of Pennsylvania.