A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.

The Advanced Program

The advanced program is normally taken in the final two years of college. Instruction includes further leadership development and evaluation, organizational and management techniques, tactics, and administration. Training is directed toward preparing the student to be commissioned and assume responsibilities as a second lieutenant upon completion of all program requirements.

A paid Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) is held during the summer between the junior and senior year and is required of all advanced course students. This camp permits the cadet to put into practice the principles and theories acquired in classroom instruction. In addition to being paid approximately $800 (for five weeks of leadership training), the cadet is paid travel expenses, room and board, medical and dental care, and other benefits while attending LDAC.

To be eligible for the advanced program, a student must: (1) fulfill the requirements for the basic program; (2) successfully complete the professor of military science (PMS) interview and selection process; (3) meet Army medical standards; (4) have a grade-point average of 2.0 or better (2.5 or better preferred); and (5) meet Army physical fitness standards.