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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.

Social Work


Boyle, Christopher, Jeffrey, Perry-Burney, Smiley, Thomas, Twiss, Wass, Young Laing


The social work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Program Mission

As a professional degree program in a publicly funded university in a rural and small town area, the mission of the California University of Pennsylvania B.S.W. program is to improve the quality of life of at-risk people within the surrounding region and in the broader global society by preparing:

  • committed, competent, ethical beginning social work practitioners to work with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities;
  • social workers committed to social and economic justice, human rights, and universal respect for human diversity;
  • social workers who apply a generalist perspective to practice;
  • social workers who apply an ecological systems and problem-solving approach to practice; and
  • professional leaders to develop needed and enhance existing social welfare services through research, continuing education and service.

This foundation-level preparation is integrated with the University’s core values, rights and responsibilities and with the core values and ethical standards of the social work profession, and provides the foundation for entry-level professional practice and graduate education.

Program Goals

Goal 1: Prepare beginning generalist social work practitioners with the requisite knowledge, skills and core social work values.

Goal 2: Develop social workers committed to social and economic justice, the promotion of human rights and universal respect for human diversity.

Goal 3: Develop leaders prepared to enhance social welfare, the provision of social services and the social work profession through service, research and continuing education, including work on advanced degrees.

The social work program does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience.


Graduates of the social work program are eligible for membership in the National Association of Social Workers and, with a high enough GPA, for advanced standing in most accredited graduate social work programs. This degree provides career opportunities in a variety of human service settings, including government agencies, mental and/or behavioral health care facilities, hospitals and outpatient health care agencies, schools, drug and alcohol programs, prisons and other legal settings, family service agencies, etc. Social workers provide direct or indirect services on behalf of individuals, families, groups and communities.