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A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.A smiling female student drips a chemical into a vial.

Decision Point 3: Recommendation for Student Teaching

Student teaching is conducted under the supervision of the director of student teaching and department University supervisors. Students who are candidates for certification are required to student teach for a minimum of 15 weeks. Student teaching is a competency-based program and may continue beyond one semester.

Candidates are certified to teach only if they demonstrate ability to teach effectively. The director of student teaching, the University supervisor, and the cooperating teacher or teachers determine teaching competency. The student teacher is also required to register for a practicum while student teaching. Student teachers are not generally permitted to enroll in other courses during the student teaching experience. Student teaching is normally conducted in selected public schools located in the service area of the University. Alternative programs are also available. Interested students should discuss this possibility with the director of student teaching. The institutional philosophy regarding student teaching is to prepare students adequately to assume their responsibilities in the teaching profession with the knowledge and skills essential to their areas of specialization. Student teaching is designed to provide a climate wherein the student may exhibit creativity and the ability to make critical judgments based upon knowledge and reason.

Recommendations for student teaching may be secured from the College of Education and Human Services website at Applications must be submitted prior to May 1 for the fall semester student teaching placement and prior to Nov. 1 for spring semester student teaching placement.

Transfer students are not assigned to student teaching until they have completed at least 24 credits of work at this University. Graduates of other colleges and universities must meet the California University requirements of Admission to Teacher Education before being assigned to student teaching.

Student Teaching Requirements

Candidates seeking a Recommendation for Student Teaching must provide evidence of meeting these requirements at the time the application form is submitted:

  • Passing score on the state-designated exams,
    It is the responsibility of each Teacher Education candidate to register and pay for the correct
  • Completed required Pre-Service Teacher Professional Seminar Series. These are in addition to
    the requirements for Admission to Teacher Education;
  • TB test;
  • Earn a grade of C or better in every required course in the major. This includes courses that are being taken and required in the major (see department for details);
  • Possess an overall 3.00 GPA (Please note that a GPA of 3.00 or better is also required when candidates begin the student teaching experience. Candidates who have a GPA below 3.00 at the start of the semester will be removed from student teaching.);
  • Possess a passing score on the Performance Principles Portfolio Review on LiveText from the academic adviser; and
  • Possess clearances (Act 24, 34, 114 and 151) that are valid through the end of the student teaching experience.

All requirements must be complete at the time of application for a Recommendation for Student Teaching, with the exception of C or better grades in required major courses in which the candidate is currently enrolled or plans to take in the summer before fall semester student teaching. Also, candidates must submit evidence of a $ million liability insurance policy. The $1 million liability insurance policy and C or better grades in the required major courses taken in the semester of the application or in the summer prior to fall student teaching must be presented to the Student Teaching Office prior to the beginning of student teaching. Grades and GPA must continue to be maintained or the candidate will lose the assignment.

Valid Recommendation for Student Teaching

The Recommendation for Student Teaching is good for one semester only. Candidates who delay student teaching for any reason and wish to student teach in a future semester must reapply and secure a new Recommendation for Student Teaching in accordance with the application deadlines. Students must meet current requirements, even if they have changed since their previous Recommendation for Student Teaching was submitted.