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Three honors students listen to a speaker on an Honors ExcursionThree honors students listen to a speaker on an Honors Excursion

Honors Travel

Honors Excursions

In the autumn and spring semesters, the UHP organizes excursions related to the Honors courses offered those terms.  These excursions, which typically last from three to five days, give students the opportunity to conduct hands-on research, visit libraries, archives, and museums related to their research and coursework, and visit important cultural and historical sites.

Past excursions have included trips to Washington, D.C., and the Bern Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology. The UHP also has excursions to Chicago to visit the Art Institute and various homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and Virginia to study about several of the country's founding fathers.


All travel and room and board expenses for the fall and spring projects for selected students are paid by the University Honors Program.  Participation, however, is limited by available program funding.  The UHP strives to include all Honors students who apply; however, if that is not possible, preference is given to students enrolled in HON courses.

To be considered for the fall and spring excursions, UHP students must:

  • Be undertaking a research project in conjunction with their Honors course(s) based on the year's theme.
  • Be registered for a minimum of two Honors courses (HON or addenda) within the academic year.
  • Submit an application, usually available early in the fall and spring semesters.

These trips offer a unique experience to UHP students that give them a chance to conduct in-depth primary research on a topic of their interest.  As a result, many students use their fall or spring research projects as a start to their Honors theses.

Past Excursions 

Autum 2015 Carnegie Mueseum of Art (HON 340) and Wheeling, WV (HON 150)

Spring 2015 Beaver County Historical Society (HON 250)

Autum 2014 Meadowcroft Rockshelter (HON 270)

Spring 2014 New York (HON 340)

Spring 2013 Cleveland (HON 340)

Autumn 2012 Athens, OH 

Spring 2012 Washington, DC

Autumn 2011 Philadelphia

Summer 2011 Paris World Bank

Spring 2011 Detroit (HON 330)

Autumn 2010 Deep South (Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina) (HON 340)

Spring 2010 Chicago

Autumn 2009 New York (HON 340)

Spring 2009 Dibner Library, Washington, DC

Spring 2008 Democracy Trip, Virginia and Washington, DC

Spring 2007 Chicago

Spring 2006 Dibner Library, Washington, DC

Spring 2005 Democracy Trip, Virginia and Washington, DC