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Fall 2016

Tinamarie BrownTinamarie Brown

Biology (Presented on November 22, 2016)
"The Induction of Seizure Like Activity in Drosophila melanogaster Using Caffeine"

Dylan CainDylan Cain

Graduating Spring 2017
(Presented on November 15, 2016)
"The Effect of Taxes and Regulations on the Oil Industry"

Rachel CostantiniRachel Costantini

Parks and Recreation Mgt 
Graduating Spring 2017
(Presented on November 10, 2016)
"A Proposed Outdoor Orientation Program for California University of Pennsylvania"

Clarissa HarrisClarissa Harris

Psychology (Presented on November 16, 2016)
"What I Want to be When I Grow Up:  An Artistic Exploration of Gender Formation and Identity"

Juliana LapekJuliana Lapek 

Technology Education/Graphics and Multimedia 
Graduating Spring 2017
Presented on October 5, 2016)
"Problem Based Learning – A Solution in Education:  Promoting 21st Century Skills in Problem Based Learning Environments"

Jasmine NaccaratoJasmine Naccarato

Psychology (Presented on November 16, 2016)
"The Effectiveness of Integrated Treatment for Substance Use Disorder and Other Mental Illness: A Meta-Analysis"

Spring 2016

Haley BashadaHaley Bashada

English (Presented on March 30, 2016)
"Investigating Teaching Strategies in Educating English Language Learners"

Elizabeth BrownKelsey Baumgardner

Graphics and Multimedia (Presented on April 20, 2016)
"Fairy Tale Dreams: The Animation of Disney Princesses and its Effect on Young Girls"

Abby BeattyAbby Beatty

Biology (Presented on March 17, 2016)
"The Effects of Herbicides on the Mortality and Behavior of the Mealworm"

Skyler BoehmSkyler Boehm

Biology (Presented on March 29, 2016)
"Nerve Cell Responses During Wound Healing in Drosophila"

Chandler CareyChandler Carey

Mathematics (Presented on April 14, 2016)
"Mathematical Application: Understanding the Formal Logic Conditional"

Lindsey GasperLindsey Gasper

Biology (Presented on April 13, 2016)
"Development of Short Term Ovarian Cancer Cell Resistance Model Using Doxorubicin"

Lauren GriffithLauren Griffith

English (Presented on April 12, 2016)
"How We Die: A Series of Interviews with People Who Are Facing Death"

Adisa Harget-RobinsonAdisa Harget-Robinson

Political Science (Presented on March 3, 2016)
"Grassroots Politics: A First-hand Account"

Daniel HartDaniel Hart

Technology Education (Presented on April 20, 2016)
"The Formation of STEM Education and its Impacts"

Courtney KauffmanCourtney Kauffman

Business Administration (Presented on March 22, 2016)
"A "Fresh" Approach to Fresh Produce"

Ethan KlersyEthan Klersy

Criminal Justice (Presented on April 20, 2016)
"Campus Mala in Se:  A Systematic Study of Threats and Crimes Committed at Universities"

Thomas KoenigThomas Koenig

Physics (Presented on April 19, 2016)
"Synthesis and Characterization of a Potential Thermochromic Liquid Crystal Material: 1,​4-​Benzendicarboxylic acid, 1,​4-​bis [4-​[1-​oxobutoxy-bis [4-(N, 3,3-trimethylindolinobenzospiropyran-7’-nitro)​] phenyl]] ester"

Jessica Laguerre-JosephJessica Laguerre-Joseph

International Studies (Presented on April 13, 2016)
“Colorism across Cultures: A Comparative Analysis of Colorism in India, Jamaica and the African American Community in the United States"

Katie LiebelKatie Liebel

Biology (Presented on April 21, 2016)
"The Risks of Control: A Meta-Analysis of Oral Contraceptives and the Dangers They May Pose"

Breanna LincoskiBreanna Lincoski

Biology (Presented on April 20, 2016)
"Percentage of Lyme Positive Ixodes Ticks and Dogs in Southwestern Pennsylvania in Combination with Antibody Type Produced During Infection in K-9 Host"

Cara LorenzoCara Lorenzo

Biology (Presented on March 31, 2016)
"The Effects of Monosodium Glutamate on Chick Development"

Connor MarshmanConnor Marshman

Graphics and Multimedia (Presented on March 2, 2016)
"The Importance of Educating Graphic Communication Students about the Connection Between Commercial Printing and Art"

Elizabeth MoonElizabeth Moon

Early Childhood Education (Presented on April 14, 2016)
"Teacher Awareness and Attitudes Towards Graphic Novels"

Marissa NeifertMarissa Neifert

Business Administration (Presented on April 19, 2016)
"Don’t Think, Just Swipe:  How to Use Marketing to Make the Tough Purchases Easy"

James NovobilskyJames Novobilsky

Chemistry (Presented on April 14, 2016)
"Electropolymerization and Characterization of Polyaniline-Ti02 Nanocomposites for Sensing Applications"

Lauren PezzicaLauren Pezzica

Graphic Design (Presented on April 13, 2016)
"#CalUNeedsKay Advertising Campaign"

Rebecca RobichRebecca Robich

Environmental Studies (Presented on April 27, 2016)
“A Preliminary Study of the Bacterial and Fungal Communities Present on the Epidermis of Various Salamander Species (Amphibia: Urodela) in Washington County, Pennsylvania"

Karina SanchezKarina Sanchez

Anthropology (Presented on April 13, 2016)
"Tracing Patterns of Interaction: Effect of Romanization on Native Iberian Culture"

Andee StynchulaAndee Stynchula

Biology (Presented on April 20, 2016)
"Using the Antimicrobial Effects of Zingiber Officinale to Compare the Differences of Allopathic and Homeopathic Medicine Techniques"

John Troutman

Earth Science (Presented on April 5, 2016)
"An Analysis of Lake Erie Ice Coverage and Lake Effect Snowfall Totals in Erie County, Pennsylvania from 2008-2014"

Jonathan VeresJonathan Veres

History (Presented on March 31, 2016)
"The Islamic Heresy:  Religion of Heretical Christianity"

Alicia WadsworthAlicia Wadsworth

Physics (Presented on April 12, 2016)
"Acoustic Analysis:  Characteristic Sounds of Flutes of Various Types and Materials"

Shelby ZikeliShelby Zikeli

Biology (Presented on March 30, 2016)
"Exploring Relationships Between Native and Invasive Species in Madagascar"

Fall 2015

David Casey

Sport Management, Business (Presented November 11, 2015)
"Opportunities and Challenges of Social Media for Athletes"
Committee Members: Laura Miller, Lindsay Hammond and Craig Fox


Angel SelbyAngela Selby

Communication Disorders (Presented on November 17, 2015)
"Investigating Ageism in Undergraduates: A Comparative Analysis of Different Academic Majors"
Committee Members: Denise Joseph, Robert Skwarecki and Craig Fox

Shawn Shannon Honors PresentationShawn Shannon

Art Studio (Presented on November 17, 2015)
"HEATT: The Other Side of Cross Curricular Education"
Committee Members: Marcia Marcolini-Hoover, James Bove and Craig Fox

Megan Sweeney

Psychology, Forensic Science (Presented on November 18, 2015)
"The Effects of Mandatory Therapy for Counselors in Training"
Committee Members: Holiday Adair, Reuben Brock, and Marta McClintock-Comeaux

Spring 2015

Katrina B. Andreyo

Business Administration (Presented on April 20, 2015)
“The European Union's strategies and Law Requirements within the Fraud of Creative Accounting”
Committee Members: Edmund Matecki, Dori Eichelberger and Paul Hettler

Elizabeth BrownElizabeth A. Brown

Geology (Presented on April 24, 2015)
"A Proposed Update of the Geologic Map at Rotary Park, California, PA"
Committee Members: Daniel Harris, Kyle Frederick and Craig Fox

Emily DickeyEmily Dickey

Communication Disorders (Presented on April 7, 2015)
“The Major Articulatory and Phonologic Characteristics of Turkish-Influenced English"
Committee Members: Nancy Carlino, Susan Rutledge and M. G. Aune 

Shane DonovanShane Donovan

Political Science/Business Admin (Presented on April 8, 2015)
Reining in Corporate Inversion: A Political Quandary”
Committee Members:  Paul Hettler and Ambrus Price 

Autumn M. Franklin

Forensic Science (Presented on April 23, 2015)  
“Serial Killers: Are They Biologically Created or Socially Constructed?”
Committee Members:  Emily Sweitzer, Justin Hackett and Marta McClintock-Comeaux

Joshua GebauerJoshua G. Gebauer

Earth Science (Presented on March 24, 2015)
“Case Study of Bragg Scatter on the KPBZ Radar”
Committee Members:  Mario Majcen, Craig Kauffman and Gregg Gould

Chelsea Gilliland

Environmental Studies (Presented on April 21, 2015)
“Examining Genetic Diversity Among Rainbow Darters (Etheostoma Caeruleum) in the Monongahela River”
Committee Members:  Louise Nicholson, David Argent and Summer Arrigo-Nelson

Lindsie HammakerLindsie K. Hammaker

Communication Disorders (Presented on April 24, 2015)
Perceptual Differences Across Generations of American Dialects”
Committee Members: Nancy Carlino, Robert Skwarecki and M. G. Aune

Nicole M. Kuhta

Psychology/Social Work (Presented on April 2, 2015)     
“Exploring Relationships Between Religiosity, Stress, and Trauma”
Committee Members:  Margaret Christopher, Tracey Kowal and J. Drew McGukin

Brittany KusniarBrittany A. Kusniar

Earth Science (Presented on April 22, 2015)
“Career Anxiety and Life After Graduation”
Committee Members:  Gary Seelye, Rhonda Gifford and Gregg Gould

Tabitha A. Maurer

Exercise Science (Presented on April 28, 2015)
“The Relationship Between Depression Symptoms and Stress Among Collegiate Basketball Student-Athletes”
Committee Members:  Lindsey McGuire, Shelly DiCesaro and Paul Hettler

Taylor MelidonaTaylor D. Melidona

Technology Education (Presented on March 20, 2015)
Women in Technology:  The True Limitations of Bias and Stereotypes in the Classroom”
Committee Members:  Laura Hummell, Rene Kruse and Marta McClintock-Comeaux 

Stephanie N. MooreStephanie Moore

Communication Disorders (Presented on April 9, 2015)
“Feed Me: An Educational App for Feeding Interventions”
Committee Members:  Nancy Carlino, Lynn Golightly and Craig Fox

Kembia T. Munsanje

Political Science (Presented on April 22, 2015) 
“Congressional Obstructionism and Presidential Resolve:  Who Blinks?”
Committee Members:  Melanie Blumberg, Joseph Heim and Craig Fox 

Emily A. Murray

Environmental Studies (Presented on April 24, 2015)
“Sustainability and the Importance of Local Food Systems”
Committee Members:  Sarah Meiss, Pamela Twiss and Craig Fox

Kembia T. Munsanje

Political Science (Presented on April 22, 2015) 
“Congressional Obstructionism and Presidential Resolve:  Who Blinks?”
Committee Members:  Melanie Blumberg, Joseph Heim and Craig Fox 

Ashlyn R. Neiffer

Graphic Design (Presented on April 22, 2015)
“Talking About Abuse: A Design Campaign for the California University of Pennsylvania END Violence Center”
Committee Members:  Spencer Norman, Greg Harrison and Marta McClintock-Comeaux

Michael S. Ortenzo

Psychology (Presented on April 23, 2015)
“How do you Love me? An Inquisition of Love and its Theories”
Committee Members:  Holiday Adair, Justin Hackett and Marta McClintock-Comeaux 

Shawn ReeseShawn M. Reese

English/Creative Writing (Presented on April 8, 2015)
“Weird Birds: On Writing a Collection of Short Stories”
Committee Members:  Carol Waterhouse, Brent House and M. G. Aune

Samantha Rudy

Samantha Rudy

Art/Psychology (Presented on April 8, 2015)
“Creative Activism: Examining Relationships Between Art, Psychology, and Public Relations”
Committee Members:  Holiday Adair, Justin Hackett and Greg Harrison