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UHP Calendar

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January 2014

7 Last day to withdraw from a course or University for Winter Session

17 Winter Session ends

21 Winter Grades Due from faculty

21 Spring Classes Begin

21 Summer Registration Begins

21-28 Add/Drop period for Spring

February 2014

3 NCUR Registration for students due

17 Spring Academic Open House

21 NCHC project deadline to Honors Program

21 Addendums due by 4:00pm to Honors Area

March 2014

7 Last day to apply for May 2014 Graduation

8 Spring Academic Open House

10-14 Early Registration for Fall 2014

17-21 Spring Break

27-30 New York Trip

April 2014

3-5 NCUR Conference

4 Last day to withdraw from a course or the University

5 Honors Convocation at 2:00pm

5 Spring Academic Open House

15 Justin Antolin Thesis Presentation at 11:00am

17 Ellie Gass Thesis Presentation at 11:00am in Eberly, Room 342

22 Caitlin Green Thesis Presentation at 11:00am

23 Traci Davis Thesis Presentation at 11:00am at the SAI Farm

23 Ross Young Thesis Presentation at 12:30pm

23 Emma Will Thesis Presentation at 2:00pm

24 Caroline Kibbe Thesis Presentation at 11:00am

25 Intersections Conference at Robert Morris University 

28 Kaitlyn Kelly Thesis Presentation at 11:00pm

28 Anne Sternberger Thesis Presentation at 1:00pm

29 Caitlin Birmingham Thesis Presentation at 11:00am

29 Kelsey Nuhfer Thesis Presentation at 12:15

30 Cindy Anchor Thesis Presentation at 11:00am

30 Kayci Shanaberger Thesis Presentation at 12:00pm

May 2014

1 Alyssa Skinner Thesis Presentation at 11:00am

5 Classes End at 4:00pm

6-10 Finals Week

9 Graduate Commencement at 7:00pm

10 Undergraduate Commencement at 10:00am

13 Grades Due from faculty

June 2014

There are no events at this time.

July 2014

There are no events at this time.

August 2014

24 New Student Convocation

25 Classes Begin

25-Sept.2 Add/Drop Period

September 2014

Aug. 25- Sept. 2 Add/Drop Period

1 Labor Day: No Classes

26 Last Day to Apply for December Graduation

October 2014

There are no events at this time.

November 2014

26- Dec. 1 Thanksgiving Break: No Classes

December 2014

Nov. 26- Dec. 1 Thanksgiving Break: No Classes

5 Classes End

8-13 Finals Week

12 Graduate Commencement at 7:00pm

13 Undergraduate Commencement at 10:00am

16 Grades Due