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Two students sitting in the campus quad.Two students sitting in the campus quad.

Assessment of Student Learning (ASL)

The ASL program for Cal U was developed in consonance with the PASSHE Board of Governors Policy 1997-01: Assessing Student Learning Outcomes.  The following areas are assessed:

  1. Developmental Programs
  2. General Education
    1. Course Assessment
    2. Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA)
      1. California University of PA will be using the ETS Proficiency Profile, short version, for testing of value added in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking.
      2. Seniors, who began at Cal U as first-time freshmen and who have fewer than 30 transfer credits, will be tested beginning the middle of April 2012.  The target numbers for the test population will be 250-300 persons. 
      3. Freshmen, who will enter Cal U as first-time students for the Fall of 2012, will be tested during summer registration.  The target number for the test population will be 500-600 freshmen.
  3. Undergraduate Program-Level
  4. Graduate Program-Level
  5. Co-Curricular Programs (with Student Development Goals)