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Two males sit outside Dixon Hall and South Hall on a sunny day.Two males sit outside Dixon Hall and South Hall on a sunny day.

Readmission Application after Dismissal or Probation

(If applicable, you may change your major after you achieve good academic standing.)

(Please remember to have transcripts forwarded to the Office of Articulation and Transfer for evaluation.)

A conviction is an adjudication of guilt and includes please of nolo contendere (no contest). Please disregard: minor traffic violations, misdemeanors, offenses commited before your 18th birthday which were adjudicated in juvenile court under a Youth Offender Law, and any charges which have been expunged by a court or for which you successfully completed an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program.

A "yes" answer will be reported to the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) if the applicant receives PHEAA aid. A "yes" answer will not necessarily bar admission to the University, but it may limit the ability to enroll in or complete certain academic majors/programs and may not affect approval to live in university-owned or university-affiliated housing.