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Students in the Cal U library on campus.Students in the Cal U library on campus.

Pre-law Program

A photo of a Cal U student and professor in a court house.Cal U’s pre-law program helps you build a strong academic foundation while preparing you for law school or other graduate studies.

Designed to give students the best possible preparation for admission to law school, the pre-law program is a collaboration between eight academic disciplines and the University Honors Program that allows students to select any major while participating in program-related activities.

Academic disciplines participating in the pre-law program are business, communication studies, criminal justice, economics, English, history and political science. Any student from any major can earn a multidisciplinary minor in pre-law. Click here for more information about the pre-law minor.

Why collaborate?

No particular major is required for law school admission. In fact, most law schools want students to have a broad-based undergraduate education that prepares them to read, write and think.

Law schools accept students from almost any major, as long as the program of study is academically rigorous. Students should look for a major that offers personal fulfillment and that they find both interesting and challenging. To learn more about choosing a major, see preparing for law school.


In addition to academic preparation, the pre-law program offers guidance and opportunities for undergraduate students through pre-law advising, which is open to any student in any major.

Learn more about law school admission or legal research.

For more information on the pre-law program, contact the campus pre-law coordinator, Dr. Craig A. Smith, History, Politics and Society, Manderino Library 440-F, 724-938-6055,

Preparing for Law School

"Students are best prepared for law school when they take some, but not too many, law-related courses. Non-law courses such as
history, philosophy, politics, economics, communication and English should provide a broad base of knowledge and superior analytical and communication skills."

-- Dr. Craig Smith, Pre-law Program Coordinator