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Meet the Tutoring CenterMeet the Tutoring Center

Meet the Tutoring Center

Tutoring Center Director

Dr. Patricia Johnson is director of the Tutoring Center. A faculty member in the Department of TRIO and Academic Services, she also teaches a 3-credit course entitled, Critical Thinking and Reading. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education, a Master of Education degree in reading, and a Doctor of Education degree in curriculum and instruction and has tutored students from second grade through college. She is an avid skier, loves the outdoors and enjoys working with diverse groups of people.

Meet the Peer Tutors

Jessica Baker

Hello! My name is Jessica Baker. I am a junior and a Psychology major here at Cal U. I am also a member of the Equestrian Team. I am available to tutor the subjects: Adolescent Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, General Psychology, Descriptive and Inferential Statistics, and English Composition. You can find me in the tutoring center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm to 6pm. Please feel free to stop by and use the services I provide.

Portrait of Jessica Baker

Bethany Carns

Hello! My name is Bethany Carns. I am a junior in the Athletic Training Program. After I graduate from Cal U with a BS in Athletic Training, I will be applying to graduate schools for admission into a Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program. I am able to tutor students in any classes that are required for an Athletic Training major as well as Current Health Issues, Psychology, Landmarks of World Art, and Personal Productivity Software. If you don’t see a course that you need help in listed here, feel free to email me at and we can try to set something up. I can also help freshmen with the application process that is required to get into the Athletic Training Program. Please feel free to set up an appointment with me in Manderino 430 (Tutoring Center) or email me with any questions. My hours are Monday 8am-9am and 2pm-4pm, Wednesday 2pm-4pm, Thursday 11am-12pm, and Friday 1pm-3pm. I hope to see you this semester!

Portrait of Bethany Carns

Dylan Czartoryski

Hello! My name is Dylan Czartoryski. I am a Graphic Design major here at Cal U. I tutor Computer Science Design courses, as well as English Comp. I and II.  In addition, I tutor Personal Productivity Software as well as Typography, Intro to Graphic Design, Graphic Design I and II and Printmaking.  You can reach me at if you have any extra questions. My hours are Monday (12 PM-3 PM) Wednesday (12 PM-4 PM) and Thursday (11 AM-12 PM). Feel free to stop by!

Dylan Czartoryski

Jarret Czartoryski

Hello!  My name is Jarret Czartoryski.  I am currently a sophomore here at Cal U.  My major is Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. I will be minoring in either Economics or Finance.  I am available to tutor Financial Accounting as well as both Principles of Micro and Macro Economics.  My hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:00pm-2:00pm and Tuesdays 4:00pm-6:00pm.  If you ever need to contact me, you can reach me via email at  I look forward to seeing you this semester!

Jarret Czartoryski

Laken Ganoe

Hello! My name is Laken Ganoe. I am currently a junior, on track to graduate in December 2017 with a degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology at Cal U. The subjects that I will be tutoring include General Botany, General Zoology, Ornithology, Ecology, and other Environmental Science classes. Please stop in and see me if you need any help! I can also help you develop study skills for lecture exams or lab practicals and help you stay organized. My tutoring hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am-12pm, Tuesday 4pm-7pm and Thursday 1pm-3pm. If you need to reach me, my email is Can’t wait to see you! 

Portrait of Lanken Ganoe

Mikaylah Glenn

Hello! I am Mikaylah Glenn. I am a senior at Cal U majoring in Chemistry. Also, I am a member of the Cal U Women's Basketball National Championship team. The subjects I tutor include: General Chemistry I & II, Inorganic Chemistry, Introduction to Experimental Chemistry, Intermediate Lab I & II, and Analytical Chemistry.  I am in the Tutoring Center on MW (12-1; 2-3); T (12-2); and, Th (3-5).

Mikaylah Glenn

Shyanne Hilliard

Hello, my name is Shyanne Hilliard. I tutor general study habits, Political Science, and Philosophy I look forward to helping you extend your knowledge of all of those subjects! If there are any questions, I can be reached at .  You can find me in the Tutoring Center in Manderino 430 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-8 PM.  

Shyanne Hilliard

Tessa Lingenfelter

My name is Tessa Lingenfelter. I am a Biology major here at California University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Pre-Medicine and a minor in Chemistry. I am currently a senior and will graduate in December of 2016. I love to play sports, games and watch movies. I'm really friendly and love to help people. That is why I wanted to become a doctor. I decided to forgo that route however, and become a lab technician due to me being very family oriented and wanting to spend time with my future family. So, if you ever need help in a class don't be shy, I'm more than willing to help to the best of my abilities.  I am in the Tutoring Center in Manderino 430 M (10-12 and 1-2); T (11-12); W (10-12 and 1-2); and H (11-12).

Tessa Lingenfelter

Heather Mason

Hello, my name is Heather Mason and I am a senior here at Cal U. I major in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, and have a concentration in Pre-medicine. The subjects I tutor are General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry I and II, Genetics, Human Anatomy, and Human Physiology. I have also taken many of the Intro Biology classes so I can help with them as well. I am not just willing to help you understand the subjects you’re having trouble with; I am also willing to help you develop better organization and time management skills. Being in these academically demanding classes is a lot of work; developing these skills is the key to success. Stop in to make an appointment and I will be happy to assist you!  I am in the Tutoring Center in Manderino 430 on M W F (10-11; 12-1) and M & W (2-3).  If you have any other questions and my hours do not work for you, my email is Hope to see you soon! 

Heather Mason

Aujuwa Moore

Hello, my name is Aujuwa Moore.  I am a senior here at Cal U majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. In my spare time I love to cycle, be active, play with my puppies and most of all spend time with my family. The subjects I tutor are Inferential Statistics, Descriptive Statistics, Child Psychology and Sociology of Sport. I am able to tutor other psychology and sociology classes as needed as well. My hours are M-T-W-& H (2-4). I’m looking forward to helping in any way that I can. I wish you all a productive and exciting semester! 

Portrait of Aujuwa Moore

Angela Novak

Hey there everyone, my name is Angela Novak and I am a senior at Cal U. I have a dual major in Criminal Justice: Forensic Science and Forensic Anthropology. I am also an officer in the Forensic Science Club, Criminal Justice Club, and National Honor Society, Alpha Phi Sigma. I am a tutor for any class in either major, and my hours are Monday/Wednesday: (12pm-1pm); and, Monday/Wednesday/Thursday (2pm - 4pm ). Can't wait to meet you!

Angela Novak

Caleb Price

Hi, my name is Caleb Price and I am a senior Psychology major here at Cal U. Outside of class, I am a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan and I love to play hockey any chance I get. In terms of psychology, I really enjoy learning and teaching the math behind research, but I am also more than happy to help with College Algebra, Adolescent Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology. My tutoring hours are 10:00 A.M-1:00 P.M and 4:00 P.M-5:00 P.M on Tuesday/Thursday. Please stop by and I’ll do my best to help you through any problems that you might have in these classes. 

Portrait of Cal U student Caleb Price

Eli Ramsay

Hello! My name is Eli Ramsay. I am a senior Geology Major here at Cal U. My ultimate goal is to work for the United States Geological Survey. I am available to tutor Intro to Earth Science, Intro to Geology, Historical Geology, and Hydrology. In addition, I do GIS work through the Earth Science department and may be able to assist with any GIS questions or problems you have. I am available via email at, and am in the tutoring center from noon until 4:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Portrait of Cal U student Eli Ramsay

Victor Simmons Jr.

Hi, my name is Victor Simmons Jr. I'm currently a senior at Cal U, with a major in History and a minor in Pre-law. I hope to eventually be a History professor that specializes in Greek and Roman history, so this seems like a perfect way to hone my teaching skills and help others.  I currently tutor History, Political Science, and Pre-law courses and can provide help with multiple classes in these fields. My tutoring hours are 1pm-4pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 1pm-3pm on Fridays. Feel free to e-mail me at with any questions or concerns in regards to the classes I tutor. I’m always willing to help with what I can, or point you in the right direction.

victor simmons

Alexis Sirnic

Hello! My name is Alexis Sirnic. I am a Biology major with a Chemistry minor and a Pre-Medicine concentration. As a senior, I know how hard it can be having multiple rigorous classes and needing some extra help understanding material. I hope to help by tutoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Zoology, Health, Entomology, Mammalogy, General Chemistry I and II, Comparative Vertebrae Anatomy, and Genetics. So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, come visit me in the Tutoring Center in Manderino 430. My hours are MWF (10-12) and MW (1-2). If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. My email is

Alexis Sirnic

Tutoring Schedule

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