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Students are working collaboratively around a desk.Students are working collaboratively around a desk.

Career Coach Program

Student Protégé Application

Filling out as much relevant information as possible on this form will help us determine the best potential Career Coaches available with whom to match you.

Rank the methods you prefer to interact with your Career Coach (1 = first choice, 5 = last choice):
List the names of two Cal U faculty or staff members whose recommendations you have included. Have these individuals complete the recommendation form

By clicking 'Submit', I certify that the information contained in this application is truthful and accurate. Furthermore, I agree that if accepted to the program I will abide by and be committed to all the policies of California University of Pennsylvania and the Career Coaching Program. If selected, I understand that all of my application materials become property of the program and will not be returned or transferred to parties not associated with the Career Coaching program.