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How Do You Get Experience Without A Job?


How Do You Get A Job Without Experience?



Co-op is a program that gives students in all majors (undergraduate and graduate) the opportunity to gain paid career-related experience as early as sophomore year. The program seeks to apply classroom learning to a professional work experience

Why Co-op?

Students who co-op have the following advantages:

  • Sample/try-out a career
  • Confirm or fine-tune career interests
  • Earn money for college expenses; all Co-ops are paid
  • Apply on-the-job learning to academic courses
  • Gain career-related work experience
  • Develop professional contacts in career field
  • Make informed career plans and decisions

What are the requirements to Co-op?

  • Completion of 30 credits (associate - x 15; master's - 6)
  • Overall quality grade point average - 2.0 (master's - 3.0)
  • Agreement to complete Co-op experience (summer, fall, spring, full-time, part-time)